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6 Ren Nikukai absorption lamia

by A-One
Hentai male masturbator
Maker A-One
This is indeed a freaky onahole but in a very good way. We have the Devil Lamia, Age 90016 and she is only on this world to suck men dry and leave them behind with nothing left to give. As featured on many hentai anime, she is a Devil that hunts innocent men. A-One has truly created a cool story around the 6 Ren Nikukai absorption lamia onahole but lets get to the facts that count. Made with thick ribs on the outside, you have the perfect grip on the 6 Ren Nikukai absorption lamia onahole at any given time. Inside we have a second layer of material and a curvy tunnel which main sensations are 6 thick bumps with dots and ribs on them. Those will leave you speechless and....well you know what we mean. They create a very strong stimulation and Lamia once again will be successful in getting what she wants from you. Your sperm.

The 6 Ren Nikukai absorption lamia onahole by A-One features
  • Hentai anime inspired male sex toy
  • super lewd box artwork
  • dual layer material
  • strong stimulation thanks to 6 thick bumps on the inside
  • comes with a small pack of sample lotion
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User Reviews

6 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 11/20/2022

    Very Stimulating

    This style of onahole is very good at getting a vacuum and all of the ridges that assault both sides at the same time make this one of the best valued onaholes I have seen, this whole series from A-one is just great.

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  • | 5/30/2022

    Recommended entry toy alongside virgin loop.

    One of my first toys. Cheap entry point and offers a nice experience. Entrance makes inserting nice and easy. Turning it inside out when cleaning may ruin it over time tho. I just rinse insides soap and water with my fingers. Go back in with a wet wipe to get rid of most of the water then either air dry or microfibre cloth. Squeeze air out before inserting for a more intense experience. Recommended for regular/slow sessions. If you want something hard and fast or have DGS then try virgin age admission or maybe fix your dgs so you can get more enjoyment in the long run.

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  • | 7/20/2021

    Good entry level toy

    To start with it is an amazing toy in this price range. I also have "6 Lieutenant Cervical Lilith" so I thought I will try this one also, well... I was not disappointed. The box art is really appealing and the toy with the 6 thick bumps feels great. All in all I highly recommend this one.

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  • | 4/1/2021

    After 2 months, I agree

    The last 2 reviews really drew my attention to this product over the Meandering Vagina Wall (Fallen Angel). I can confirm the stimulation from the softer nubs is nice and if you spend time to focus on the textures within the first half of the toy, either by squeezing or slowing down your approach, you should be able to enjoy some longer sessions with ease. Cleaning has been relatively easy, though I'm still learning as I go. The material has been durable enough that as long as you're not using something strong or rinsing with excessively hot water you should only experience the occasional flake. No tearing even after more intense sessions. Overall, glad I listened to the reviews.

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  • | 8/13/2020

    Another great Succubus themed onahole!

    The 6 Ren Nikukai Absoprtion Lamia is surely a delight when fantasizing about succubi draining you dry. This hole takes from its sister, the Meandering Vagina Wall, when it comes to design and shape, only this hole approaches things a little differently. For one, same exterior with curves that make for the perfect grip. Another note is that this one has a more white skin color than the pink fleshy color of the Meandering Vagina Wall. The sensation is almost identical to the Meandering Vagina Wall with its 6 big nubs. What sets Lamia apart from Meandering is that the nubs are much larger and softer, which makes for a very pleasant stimulation when this hole caresses your member into explosive orgasms. Cleaning is also just as easy as the Meandering Vagina Wall. You can flip the hole inside out and risk no tearing since the material is super stretchy and durable. Overall, this is just another great succubus onahole to try out. This one is by far my favorite among the three succubus themed holes that A-One has made.

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  • | 12/25/2018


    Honestly, I purchased this product mainly for the artwork since she's so cute. What surprised me was how amazing this onahole is though. For the price you don't expect too much but I was totally wrong as I instantly used it again and again because of the simulation it has. The bumps you feel as you slide through; however, the end is a bit disappointing but your friend will be completely satisfied with the 6 bumps sticking to it. Amazing product and definitely worth a shot at the price (also because of the amazing art on the box).

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