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6 Ren Nikukai absorption lamia

Hentai Onahole "6 Ren Nikukai absorption lamia" by A-One

Hentai male masturbator
  • Maker: A-One
  • Sku: 6連肉塊 衝凸ラミア
6 Ren Nikukai absorption lamia
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This is indeed a freaky onahole but in a very good way. We have the Devil Lamia, Age 90016 and she is only on this world to suck men dry and leave them behind with nothing left to give. As featured on many hentai anime, she is a Devil that hunts innocent men. A-One has truly created a cool story around the 6 Ren Nikukai absorption lamia onahole but lets get to the facts that count. Made with thick ribs on the outside, you have the perfect grip on the 6 Ren Nikukai absorption lamia onahole at any given time. Inside we have a second layer of material and a curvy tunnel which main sensations are 6 thick bumps with dots and ribs on them. Those will leave you speechless and....well you know what we mean. They create a very strong stimulation and Lamia once again will be successful in getting what she wants from you. Your sperm.

The 6 Ren Nikukai absorption lamia onahole by A-One features
  • Hentai anime inspired male sex toy
  • super lewd box artwork
  • dual layer material
  • strong stimulation thanks to 6 thick bumps on the inside
  • comes with a small pack of sample lotion

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