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6 XL Condoms

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6 XL size condoms

Available on otonaJP since: 2017 October 5


6 Customer Reviews for 6 XL Condoms

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by Hops December 2, 2018
Free and Good

First of all, they're free. Sure, the size can be big, they are XL after all. But they're FREE !

by Window June 18, 2018
Pretty good for free

Nothing to complain about, six for free, use them how you want. They are light so won't add to postal weight.

by SeedmonsterX February 22, 2018
Free good quality condoms

It's pretty big but it's free and doesn't add to shipping costs. Can't say no to 6 free condoms

by Jerxx February 21, 2018
Nice condoms for free

Even if you don't have a large penis, you can use these to play with your onahole, and protect it, so there is nothing to worry about! enjoy the freebies!

by Kappa123 December 22, 2017
Good Quality, Free Condoms

+ Free
+ Good quality

- Not really a bad thing but it will probably not fit anyone that has a larger than average penis size. I have an average size and it fits me just fine.


by A December 18, 2017
Free, decent quality stuff

You can let your girlfriend use this on toys, or you can use it on toys. Not recommended for use to prevent pregnancy, since if you aren't XL then it might slip off, as well as problems fitting. Good for preventing messes and needs to clean out onahole (since the lube doesn't have your semen in it, there's lower bacterial growth in the onahole and you can basically leave the onahole without washing and come back for fun later).

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