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Virgin Onahole by Toys Heart
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Product Type: Virgin Onahole

Virgin male masturbator

The A TACITURN GIRL BIG onahole is literally the BIG version of the original A TACITURN GIRL onahole by the popular japanese maker Toys Heart. She has all the qualities of her little sister but more intense. The very durable single layer structure is still the same, Made in Japan and of high quality. On the inside we have that curvy tight tunnel which perfectly recreates the Virgin sex experience. On the pictures you can see how your Dick will glide through the tight tunnel of the A TACITURN GIRL BIG onahole. At the tightest part the experience is so intense, feeling like you real push that Virgin pussy open. The artwork is a beautiful young Girl in her nightwear. How can we even thinking of rejecting her ?

The A TACITURN GIRL BIG onahole by Toys Heart features
  • Virgin male sex toy
  • Single layer onahole Made in Japan
  • by Toys Heart
  • realistic recreation of Sex with a Virgin
  • onahole weight about 340 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 150x72mm
  • comes with a small pack of lotion


2 Customer Reviews for A TACITURN GIRL BIG

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by Jim April 26, 2020
Great Starter Onahole

This is the first onahole i've bought other than a tenga egg, great deal for a first-time buyer.

The best feeling in this onahole is definately the nubs at the start, although the the middle section is a bit boring it tightens up and creates a great feeling vacuum, the end finishing area is nice cause you can pop through it when your reach the end.
If you want to go fast it wont give you as much stimulation but it still gets the job done. The way I found best was to wrap it in the middle of a pillow to keep it still and go at it a bit slower. It will create a much stronger vacuume and the nibs at the start will stimulate from the start all the way down your shaft.
Overall I would highly recommend for a first-time buyer, although its a bit more expensive for someone first looking at onaholes, I think that this is worth the extra few bucks over cheaper onaholes. I would also recommend getting this 'big' version over the regular even if your averaged size. Even this 'big' version is only 5.9 inches on the outside so its only just big enough for me.

by Angra June 4, 2018
Nubs at beginning and uterus feel awesome

However, the middle ribbed bit is a little underwhelming. But there is a slight vacuum which means the ribs stick to your member. It's a very light stimulation. I think most of the feeling comes from the two nubs at the beginning and the penetration into the uterus as well as the bumps in the womb.

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