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Akuma no Wareme - Devils Crack

Onahole by Magic Eyes
Brand Magic Eyes
Simulation Vaginal
Fantasy Lolita
Hole Design Closed Hole Type
Material Construction Triple Layer
Usability Reusable
Material TPE
Material Firmness Regular
Number of Holes 1
Weight 430g / 0.95lbs
Length / Height 170mm / 6.69in
Width 80mm / 3.15in
Lotion included Yes
Release Year 2020
Product Type Onahole
Release your inner demon with one of the most innovative male masturbators created as of yet. The Akuma no Wareme - Devil's Crack Onahole by Magic Eyes is a devil-themed sex toy that will provide immense pleasure to your member. The exterior is made from Magic Eyes' soft, strong and stretchy "Unreal Skin" material that makes it easy to clean. The interior is made from some serious pleasure-providing ribs that you will feel along every inch of your shaft. Pull the red handle at the end of this toy while you're inside and feel the inner tunnel envelop and sensually massage your penis. This unique handle can be pulled, pushed and twisted to ensure that you are in complete control of this devil experience. This little goth demon girl is ready and willing to provide you with some delightfully-hellish stimulation.

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User Reviews

4 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 5/12/2021

    Really odd concept

    My expectations for magic eyes' holes are pretty high because of how consistently they deliver with the WOW factor (in between concerned looks), but this one kind of misses the spot because of how...finnicky it is to use. It's got 2 parts and a connecting bit which is the tunnel (which means it's possible to give yourself a handjob through the lining, you sicko), but that bit isn't so great in reality so the whole 'twist-and-play' concept falls flat. It was a good experience, but i'd definitely recommend looking at other entries in the magic eyes' catalogue if you're shopping for a long time companion.

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  • | 2/26/2021

    quickly broken

    yeah? was kinda shitty man. it itself is kinda pretty good i think but ehhhh to damm fcking fragile and broke before i even used it. if it wasnt for that it probably would have been good. but ya know, i only pulled a bit and it already got a hole man tested out that function there. they wrote you can do everything with it and have full controll squeeze pull and twist and all ya know ... wanted to know how much you can pull it out i expected to get some feeling against the pulling if you reached the max kinda. well there kinda was but ya know that it gets quickly a hole in it and kinda rips so fast, while i didnt do much, is really crappy so i can throw that in the trash already >.> wasted but the reviews on the page i looked now up say the same that its very fragile and breaks kinda fast well yeah it was kinda ehhh not that good i would give it only 5/10 ... probably would have been nice if it wouldnt have teared like that

    ... view more
  • | 3/17/2020

    peculiar thematic

    I bought it out of curiosity, and I was impressed to think it would be very fragile, but it has already given me 4 uses, and it still has no flaws

    ... view more
  • | 12/17/2019


    This toy is pretty awesome with its unique design and amazing stimulation potential. But it’s not going to provide you with many uses unless you take it easy with the handle.

    ... view more
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