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Anal Scent of the New School Girl

by Tama Toys
School Girl Anal Smell
Maker Tama Toys
If you have a fetish for the sweet, sweet smell of a schoolgirl's tight anal hole, then we have something for you! The Anal Scent of the New School Girl by Tama Toys combines the sensual faecal matter scent with that of a youthful Japanese schoolgirl. This handy spay will allow you to add a whole new dimension of pleasurable scent sensations to anal toy masturbation sessions.

Anal Scent of the New School Girl Highlights:
  • High-Quality Scent Spray by Tama Toys
  • Unique Schoolgirl Anal Scent
  • Sex Toy Accessory to Add to the Experience
  • Volume: 10ml
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User Reviews

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  • | 6/4/2020

    Not great but gets better with use.

    I think the product I got may have been sitting on the shelf too long, because even when I pulled the tiny spray bottle out of the packet, I could already smell the scent. The first time I applied it (to a napkin), I couldn't really smell anything, it just wafted up to me like toxic vapours and made my eyes water. A few uses later and I'm adjusting to the smell. It's acrid, but not the nice, sweaty, musky bitterness (as a previous reviewer put it) that I was hoping for. It's a little like poo, like joke fart gas, but I'm adjusting to it and mixed in with another scent, like "The smell of the sweaty uniform from the athletic club girl" it can be quite stimulating.

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  • | 11/7/2019

    Nice box art. BUT

    IMO It does not smell like anal scent. It smells more like fresh poo scent. Or like the hour after poo scent. Not that musky bitterness i was hoping for. I got a sharp pungent aroma. I tested this on a napkin first thank goodness. Verdict: Dirty sock smells better. The box art is great though. That's the only good part of this IMO.

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