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Angelic Doll MEGA SET

Love Doll by Tama Toys
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This huge set not only comes with a base Angelic Doll but also with the following additional items.

  • 3 Wigs (blond, green and pink
  • 2 Costumes (School wear and underwear)
  • 2 Face masks

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Brand: Tama Toys Released on: 2022Product Type: Love Doll
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User Reviews

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  • | 7/15/2022

    Great Value for this Price

    This set is sold at the same price as the base doll. I have no idea why they do that, but it means that this MEGA SET is the better deal out of the two, because here you get all the items from the base set, plus two additional facemasks, three more wigs and two more outfits to put on the doll. I don't know if the additional masks are the always the same in this set or if they get chose at random, because I know that a lot of masks exist for this doll. The expressions I got were the XD and the 0w0 face. I took the chance on the Anime Expo sale and it almost reduced the price enough to even out the insane shipping costs to get her to Europe. The doll itself is pretty small. A lot smaller than she looks from the pictures! If her legs were straight, she would stand as tall as a small child. But her proportions are that of a scaled down young woman. That means everything is a bit smaller on her. Her head is smaller than that of kids her size, which means the long brown wig from the base set is too big for her and slips off of her head quite easily. The other wigs are smaller and seem to have been made specifically for this doll. So maybe the brown one is just a regular child sized wig. Speaking of things that are smaller, the pouch for onaholes between her legs is pretty small, too! I tried it with the ToysHeart Ubu Virgin which is already on the small side of onaholes and it was a snug fit. Good luck if you try to get any larger holes to fit. Since the doll is in a sitting pose, cowgirl position works best when playing with this girl. Just grab her tiny waist and move her up and down in your favored speed. Due to her compact size she's also easy to move around so you can also do it with her sitting on your lap while watching porn. I have no complaints about the quality of her build. The doll is overall a good piece of craftsmanship. No bad seams anywhere. The stuffing isn't too hard or too soft, it's just right. Her body feels soft to the touch, but also sturdy enough keep her pose. This small lady feels like she can really take a pounding(pun absolutely intended)! The anime faces make her look really cute, although also a bit young. The quality of the sex depends 100% on the insert you use with her.

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