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The New Puni Ana Kahanshin DX is incredible

Hi everyone, Sven here from otonajp. Today we wanna talk a little about one of our latest new Arrivals here at otonajp.com, the Puni Ana Kahanshin DX. The Puni Ana Series by EXE has been one of the most popular Onahole series for long in Japan and overseas...
Jun 5, 2020

otonaJP News Bulletin #2

Hi all, and welcome to our second news bulletin (March 2020), In these bulletins, we will keep you updated with new product releases, news from the toymakers in Japan, and updates from ourselves regarding our products and services. There have been...
Mar 20, 2020

otonaJP - News Bulletin #1

Hi all, and welcome to our very first news bulletin, There have been many exciting new releases of adult toys from Japan recently, and it can get difficult to keep track of them, so we've decided to introduce this news bulletin to keep you updated...
Feb 19, 2020

Our new reward System - otonajp Wallet

Hi everyone, Yuka here from otonaJP. We have a short update on our Rewards Programm. Effective from today our otonaJP Points is becoming the otonaJP Wallet. The rebranding means that you now have an actual money amount in your otonaJP Wallet which...
Dec 24, 2019

New Shipping Options at otonaJP!

HI everyone, Sven here from otonaJP. This is something that many of you have been requesting from us for soo long and we are so sorry that it took us a while to do this but we are now finally offering Small Packet shipping also without Insurance or...
Dec 20, 2019

Introducing the otonaJP Gamer Girl Bath Salts

Here at otonaJP, we're always looking to deliver you unique and special erotic goods, and we work with the biggest and best toymakers in Japan to do exactly that. But, if there's a demand for a product that these makers hasn't yet made, then you can be...
Nov 27, 2019

NEW - Save 10% on DHL Express Shipping with package removal

We have some great news for those of you shipping your orders with DHL. You can now save an extra 10% on total shipping costs. To save this 10%, you can simply request our FREE package removal service. The reason we can offer this 10% saving is that...
Nov 9, 2019

Design Updates for our Japanese Main Store and EU Site

As most of you will know, we now have a European store as well as our main site. You can read all about our EU store and the advantages it provides to EU customers in our previous blog post here. Because both sites originally looked very similar and...
Nov 9, 2019

Meet our Mascot Coco

Hi everyone, this is Sven from otonaJP. Today I am very proud to tell you on behalf of the whole Team here at otonaJP that our New Mascot Coco has been born and is now ready to be enjoyed and Loved by you all. She was drawn by the popular Japanese...
Oct 22, 2019

Grab yourself a Big Halloween Discount at otonajp

Hello everyone, Sven here from otonaJP. Halloween is approaching fast this Year and as always we have prepared an awesome Discount for you to get all the Stuff you need. With so many cool Releases we have seen in the past weeks and a growing Number...
Oct 21, 2019