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Car fragrance - The smell of a GAL sitting with you in Car

by Tama Toys
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Enjoy the scent of a Gal with YOU
Maker Tama Toys

The Car fragrance - The smell of a GAL sitting with you in Car is a wonderful smell fetish item that will bring the sensually sweet scent of a slutty high school girl to any car or room. The small tub of jelly-like balls emits a sensual smell that is sure to set the perfect backdrop for any onahole, doll, masturbation or crossdressing sessions - or just use it to make your room or car smell better with the convenient easy-to-use container.

The Car fragrance - The smell of a GAL sitting with you in Car Highlights:

  • High-Quality Smell Fetish Item by Tama Toys
  • Slutty High School Gal (Girl) Replica Scent
  • Can be used in a car or a room
  • Volume: 70g

User Reviews

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  • | 9/6/2022

    Fantastic Feminine Fragrance but lacking spread

    When I received this product, the beautiful box got crushed :( but at least the item is alright. When you first open the white plastic film covering the holes, there would be an intense burst of high concentrated "smell of a gal". Afterwards even after putting the film back and waiting for a few days, I was unable to replicate that intensity :( Alright the smell itself is AWESOME, smells feminine and comforting, but am using in my bedroom and it isn't even overwhelming, most of the time I have to stick my nose near the can to smell it. My room doesn't get filled with the smell either. For the first week, I've tried putting it near my bed without air circulation one day and am able to get whiffs of it upon waking up. With air circulation, I couldn't smell it even from an arm's length away ugh. After the first week, it seems the smell intensity goes down considerably an am back to sticking my nose into it bruh. Did I receive a faulty product..? Who can say.

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  • | 4/17/2021

    Nice Smell that Covers Your Room

    Just put that into my room, at first it was overwhelming but after a few hours, it is hard to notice that at all. However, after returned home from outside that nice smell would rush to your face, giving a pretty nice mood doing everything. You can keep the cover on it so that it would not be too intense and put that near your bed. It would make you sleep well while being too disturbing.

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  • | 1/20/2021

    Overwhelming, but in a nice way

    For some reason, this here Car Fragrance smells a bit like the perfume of older women. Or perhaps it smells like the kind of perfume young women use to make themselves feel or seem a little more adult than they already are. Now, the thing is, I removed the plastic from around the box this container comes in. And that's also where I stopped. I haven't removed the plastic from around the container yet. Because the smell can be quite overwhelming. That being said, as long as the container stays in the box, it smells quite nice.

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