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Christmas Grab Bag

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Its time for Christmas and if you are not sure what do get for yourself or someone you care about then otonaJP is helping you. With this awesome deal you are getting the following for an awesome price.

  • 1 Medium sized Onahole by a popular maker
  • a bottle of high quality lotion with at least 120ml
  • a Medium sized Toy Bag
  • a set of Cock Rings or Vibrating Cock Ring
  • a full length JAV Porn DVD


6 Customer Reviews for Christmas Grab Bag

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by SeedmonsterX January 23, 2018
Definitely worth the price

You get so much more value with the Christmas grab bag. Toys, rings, lube and a DVD. What more can you ask for in this grab bag

by Jcert January 1, 2018
It's pretty good

I bought almost every single bag in 2017 (Spring, Fall and Christmas is the next) and I never had any kind of feeling of regret in my mind. Well, the spring bag was the priciest of them all but it was worth it. I love those bags since you never really know what's inside and it's a mistery.

by marco antonio December 27, 2017
amazing value!!!!!

increidible savings!! i have ordered more than 4 hehe, and i now have a beautiful collection of sexyness, and good onaholes, none of the cheap stuff lol. and omgggg the lubes are amazing!!! i simply cannot get enough of these bags.

by Kappa123 December 22, 2017
Amazing Value! First Timers Should get Bags Like This

+ Amazing value for the products included in the bag
+ Big variety of products in the bag, it's like an affordable starter pack for games, but for onahole lovers (Onahole, lube, bag, etc.)

- Kinda wished there would be a separate page for each event's bag (E.g. Fall 2017 Bag, Christmas 2017 Bag, but of course they can update these pages annually to change it to the corresponding years). This allows me to plan which season's bag seems to be the best value.

Summary (Would Recommend for Newbies & Veterans Alike):
I got the Fall 2017 Bag, and it was double the cost of this, but I got two onaholes with it and I got some other stuff too. The bags are really good value and I recommend these to anyone who wants to get a good feel of onahole usage, rather than attempting to buy products separately.

by mowmow November 15, 2017
amazing selection!

I got 2 small onaholes with super cute box art, and one even came with the additional huge lube you already get! I feel like Otonajp spoiled me <3 I gifted one ona to a happy friend and kept the other for my inflatable girl. The scented panties were wonderful, too.
Otonajp takes care of you. Get this grab bag.

by JasonB October 19, 2017
Great items good price

Yet again another good grab bag, price is good with good selection of toys looking forward to the next grab bag.

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