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Last Updated on December 10

Due to the ongoing Covid 19 situation, there are still certain limitations on shipping methods avaiable for some areas. In general please keep in mind that the current situation we have worldwide puts every business and logistic compnay at a real challenge, so please expect some delays due the usual shipping times. The whole otonaJP Team and everyone at DHL, as well as your local Post and Japan Post are doing their best to get your package to you as soon as possible.

Every order placed with a currently unavaiable method will be on hold at the postal facility. We wil get in touchb with you about this and you can change or upgtade your order to an available method at any time. Please find below our frequently updated list and check anove for the last update. For any questions please just drop us a message here.

DHL Express and FedEx are fully operational.

USA & Canada: Currently only Seamail, Small Packet without Insurance and DHL Express

Europe & European Union: All shipping methods operational except for Ireland where currently only Seamail and DHL Express is available.

Australia: Only Seamail, Small Packet without Insurance and DHL Express

New Zealand: All shipping methods operational except for Seamail

Mexico: All shipping methods operational except for Seamail

Hong Kong: All shipping methods operational

South Korea: All shipping methods operational

Singapore: All shipping methods operational

South Africa: All shipping methods operational

Iceland: All shipping methods operational

Russia: Currently only Seamail

Israel: Currently only Seamail

Réunion: Currently only Seamail

Malaysia: All shipping methods operational

Thailand: All shipping methods operational

Indonesia: All shipping methods operational

Vietnam: All shipping methods operational

Chile: all shipping methods except DHL Express currenrly on hold

All remaining countries: Currently only Seamail & DHL Express