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Cow Girl

by Toys Heart
Cow Girl Hentai Fetish Pocket Pussy
Maker Toys Heart
Product Type 97
We at otonaJP udderly adore this amazing onahole by Toys Heart. The Cow Girl Onahole is based on a curvy, cute cowgirl with big tits who wants to milk you dry. The material, as is the norm with Toys Heart toys, is of superb quality and is soft smooth and stretchy. The love tunnel features a snug tube consisting of outer walls with various udder-like textures and protrusions that provide awesome stimulation. The box also features great artwork of the cowgirl herself and her voluptuous body - and she surely knows how to ring your bell.

The Cow Girl Onahole by Toys Heart features:
  • Hentai Cow Girl themed masturbator
  • Durable Single-Layer Design
  • Stimulating Inner Tunnel
  • Made with Toys Heart's original Virgin Skin material
  • Includes Complimentary Pack of Lubricant
  • Weight: 375 Grams
  • Dimensions: 140 x 75 mm
  • Made in Japan
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User Reviews

7 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 3/7/2022

    Very subtle

    This sleeve has a realistic feel without any stubby textures. It envelops you and feels like the thick cow girl. The toy is not too intense and is ideal for longer edging sessions.

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  • | 11/18/2021

    Don't forget to bring the milk lube

    I can never figure out why it's shaped like this on the outside. It is soft, but very stimulating. The price is a little high but it's very durable, and the average person will enjoy this.

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  • | 8/2/2021

    For my first Onahole, I really liked it

    Now I'm rather new to onaholes so I am not the best person to be critiquing but here I am. Making slow love to this gentle and voluptuous minotauress is quite the pleasurable ordeal. I am very pleased with this product.

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  • | 7/3/2021

    Nice weight, Nice feeling

    This cowgirl one has a nice weighty feeling to it, like all bigger ones they're not as quick to dry/clean as the smaller ones and this one ain't even the biggest but i'd say it's worth it, not going to give it a perfect score but you can't go wrong with this one unless you have a micro penis... then maybe go for something smaller. :)

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  • | 3/6/2021

    Honest Review

    Ok, here's an honest review. This toy will not really make you get there. It's more of a massage for your one udder as there's just soft feedback, so it's more of a light sensation. It starts to have a crack near it's *ahem* crack after the 5th use. Material is soft, bouncy and fleshy while having no smell which is a plus but generally, it's a bit disappointing.

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  • | 1/14/2021

    If "Slow Love Making" was a hole, this would be it

    First Impression: This baby is thick as fuck! The only other toy in my collection that's this thick is Niku Man by G Project. Friendly Reminders: - How much lube you use can make or break your experience with a perfectly good onahole. Your lube is just as important as the hole, if not more. Experiment! - The more air you squeeze out before plunging in, the tighter and more intense it's gonna be - Try focusing on mainly the opening to midsection of the hole, and then plunge in balls deep when you're cumming. Takeaway Points: - Cowgirl is basically the slow, relaxing sister of Niku Man: not hardcore stimulating but tighter and just as juicy - It's perfect for gently massaging my morning wood, as well as a training tool for my long, slow edging sessions - Kinda pricey for its original price, but thank God for OtonaJP's discount!

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  • | 12/17/2020

    Interspecies cowgirls rl?

    First glance to me There’s a booty. I used and probably to this day milk based lube cuz this is pretty awesome when we’ll there’s bunch of cow gals from animes u know of getting milked now it’s time to hav some “fun in the barn” moooo

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