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Deep Remote Rotor Ball Ring

Rotor by PPP
Maker PPP
Release 2021
Product Type Rotor
The Deep Remote Rotor is water proof with IPX7 standard and has a built in battery which is chargeable via the included USB cable.
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User Reviews

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  • | 11/9/2022

    Oh! My Balls!

    Disclaimer: I bought many of these ppp products as my first vibration toys so it is a fresh from the box review. Product: This product is suposed to be used on the d**k just like a ring with one vibration device on the front AND/OR one in the back of your balls, the material is a thicc and yet flexible rubber, good quality. The vibration device and the remote are good quality and pretty standard for this collection I guess, I got 2 ppp products that have a remote and I can pair any remote with any vibration device, even pair 2 vibration device with one controller (BUT this product comes with with ONE vibration device included so... buying the Deep Remote Kitou Sack can be a good choice [I did that]). The vibration device is rechargeable comes with magnetic attach/USB cable with a warning to DO NOT charge with a charger that has tension output of over 5V and the remote with a 'coin like battery'. To pair de device with the controller just hold the button on de device and hold the power button on the controller for +-1sec. You can change the vibration pattern by clicking the device button AND/OR the controller 'wavy' button. Same for turning on/off. Usage: The ring can be worn in front of the ball line (with the balls between the device) or after the balls (with the balls between the device) with one or two vibration devices attached . While charging the vibration device flashes a blue led periodically, when charging is complete it will stop flashing and be always on while connected to the charger. Pleasure: I went yolo as this was my first experience with vibration toys, used the thing with two vibration devices (because I bought the Kitou Sack I had 2 to use) and turned the thing on... Dude... I had to concentrate all my force of will to think straight again and select a less stimulating pattern. I was reading something hot, 15 pages in and the Rotor Ball Ring won! I'll use it really frequently from now on.... Impressive.

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