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Design Updates for our Japanese Main Store and EU Site

Nov 9, 2019
As most of you will know, we now have a European store as well as our main site. You can read all about our EU store and the advantages it provides to EU customers in our previous blog post here.

Because both sites originally looked very similar and you can switch between sites quite easily, we thought that it might cause a little confusion remembering which site you are on for our Customers living in the European Union and using both Stores.

To avoid this issue, we have introduced two bold new headers with contrasting colours. The main site now has a red header at the top, and the European site has blue. Not only do these colours help differentiate the two sites, but we also think they look a little cleaner overall.

We hope you like the new colours. We are planning to make more improvement to both sites in future in terms of appearance, layouts and the way products and their descriptions are presented.

Since when you read this, you are in our Japanese Main Store, why not head over to our EU Store, even if you not live in Europe, just to have a quick look? Just click here!

If you have any suggestions or requests regarding site improvements, we'd like to hear them. You can contact us by any of these methods...


otonaJP Team