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Finish & Sleep Lotion Refill Pack (Hot)

Lotion by Rends
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Product Type: Lotion

The Finish & Sleep Lotion by Rends is one of the most popular ones in Japan. No more hassle with cleaning up the lube after using your favorite Toy, just Finish & Sleep. While other lubricants are often great, they usually require lots of paper napkins to clean up after the fun. The Finish & Sleep Lotion is totally different here and saves you time which brings a lot of added comfort. This is the Refill Pack for the Hot Version of the lubricant. It has a volume of 300ml which is enough for two full bottle refills. Of course the Finish & Sleep Lotion Refill Pack (Hot) can also be used stand alone as the lid can easily be opened and closed. It gives a nice and warm feeling when in use and specially goes well with Onaholes as they feel almost pre warmed when using it.

The Finish & Sleep Lotion Refill Pack (Hot) features:
  • Refill pack for the popular Finish & Sleep lotion
  • Hot version
  • gives a nice warm feeling when in use
  • goes perfect with any toy or your partner
  • super easy to clean after use
  • Made in Japan


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