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Lotion by G Project

The original List Price of the G PROJECT x PEPEE HOLE CLEANER is: $16.44. With us, you save $3.41 (21%) on the original Manufacturers suggested Retail Price!

  • Maker: G Project
  • Product Type: Lotion


Available on otonaJP since: 2016 August 18
Volume: 150ml


3 Customer Reviews for G PROJECT x PEPEE HOLE CLEANER

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by Cadet July 22, 2019
My go-to onahole cleaner

I've been using this for ages and I always get more. The solution isn't too concentrated and doesn't need a ton of water to clean off. You also don't need a lot of it to clean an onahole so it's quite economical. It's also anti-bacterial and it also has a pleasant smell to it.

by Random Passerby November 4, 2018
Excellent Replacement for Hand Soap

I agree most of what "Just a User" said, with a bit other things to add:
It appers (from the packaging) that this bubble cleaner should be applied after washing holes with running water and dry it whatever way you want. After applying, just leave the bubbles in the hole until it dries away. In actual use it dries after about few minutes.
There's also this huge plus side if you're the type who doesn't care what's in your hand soap, or if you can't control how much soap to add.

by Just a User March 2, 2018
Good alternative to regular soap

This is a good alternative to using whatever hand soap you buy from wherever big box store your neighborhood has. Doesn't leave any smells and does a good job at removing lotion (at least onatsuyu and the such). Pretty easy to use, I just squirt some in after running some water through the hole and clean it out with a skinny brush designed for cleaning water bottle mouthpieces.

+Easier & simpler than powdered cleaners
+Doesn't leave any smells behind like regular soaps can
+Does what it's supposed to
=This stuff comes out as a foam that collects at the entrance of the hole, rather than a liquid that shoots into it
-Doesn't seem to empty /too/ quickly, but powdered cleaners are probably more economical
-Wish the cap closed differently - if you leave it open by accident, there's no clear indication until waste a bunch of it

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