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GEKIRETSU Super Hard - Female Curling Player

by Toys Heart
Hard male masturbator
Maker Toys Heart
Only the strongest will survive! This is clearly what Toys Heart had in mind when they designed the GEKIRETSU Super Hard - Female Curling Player onahole. Don't let the cute and innocent curling girl fool you, she will go pretty rough on you and only those worthy of her tight pussy will survive. The GEKIRETSU Super Hard - Female Curling Player onahole comes with a clear and semi see through design. The inside is literally designed like a curling field (check the pictures!) and has lots of sensations in it. For the most fun, we defiantly recommend a thicker lube, such as for Anal use to get things going smoothly. The GEKIRETSU Super Hard - Female Curling Player onahole is very firm and stable and was designed and made in Japan. A high quality product by Toys Heart.

The GEKIRETSU Super Hard - Female Curling Player onahole by Toys Heart features
  • male sex toy made of hard material
  • fun and innovative curling themed design
  • strong and intense stimulation
  • durable single layer structure
  • onahole weight about 237 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 155x70mm
  • comes with a small pack of sample lotion
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User Reviews

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  • | 9/5/2019

    A pleasant suprise

    I bought this one on a lim, I've had very good experiances with hard ona-holes before ( see my school age administrator hard edition review) and this one is right along side with it. Now i'm no huge fam of curling but trust me their onto something with the internal design of this product, the suction is incredible and it does have a very hard feel. If you like intensity amd have the extra cash i would say add it to the collection.

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