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Gichi Kori Quattronade Hard

Hard Onahole "Gichi Kori Quattronade Hard" by Ride

  • Maker: Ride
  • Sku: ギチコリクワトロネード ハード
Gichi Kori Quattronade Hard

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Product Weight (without the package): approx. 470 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 170x75x140mm

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Really solid; a bit too hard for me though
It's quite tight and the internal design gives an interesting stimulus but it's a bit too hard for me to enjoy for regular use. The build is really solid and it's so hard that I don't think it's possible to turn it inside-out without breaking it - thankfully it's easy to clean. This thing doesn't hold lube well though; it seems to force some lube out during usage - probably 'coz of how tight it is. Overall, it's enjoyable but not for regular use.
Review by Lewd Snake / (Posted on 11/27/2018)

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