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Gichigichi Tororichi

Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Maker Magic EyesSimulation VaginalFantasy VirginHole Design Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction Double LayerUsability ReusableMaterial Firmness RegularNumber of Holes 1Product Weight 450g (0.99lbs)Length/Height 150mm (5.91in)Width 85mm (3.35in)Lotion included Yes Release 2021Product Type Onahole

User Reviews

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  • | 4/21/2023

    Overall Great, but not what I expected

    The mix between the soft and the hard part is very interesting and feels great to the touch, but I was expecting it to be a bit tighter. Also, the opening is a bit small for my "member" and it got a tore on the first use even after using plenty lube. Maybe I'll try a bigger onahole next time.

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  • | 2/5/2023

    Nice feel.

    Good if you enjoy tight. The outer top being hard is also nice for holding on to.

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  • | 1/17/2023

    Best so far!

    It is small and really tight! The opening is a banger. Overall experience with this is just 5/5. Boxart looks nice, packaging comes with a plastic holder and packet of lube. Never turn it inside out when cleaning. Drying must be done with absolute care due to it being a double layer. When Drying, the stick microfibre should be used instead of a hard diatomaceous stick, the diato. when moisture has been absorbed inside tends to stick and exert opposite force when taking it out causing for the insides to be pulled, possibility of ruining the doubled-layer. I've tried (2)ME Roa Hard (Decent), (4)TH Student Council (Meh, worth a try once), (3) NPG Mina Kitano (Not bad). This one tops it all.

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  • | 1/12/2023

    Like it, portable and tight experience

    It feel nice and well done, sturdy, but make sure to use lot of lube to prevent injuries..

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  • | 10/27/2022

    too hard half way

    Gimmicky, and too hard to the extent it doesn't give pleasure

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  • | 10/27/2022

    too hard half way

    Gimmicky, and too hard to the extent it doesn't give pleasure

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  • | 8/23/2022

    My favorite small & tight

    This is my 3rd Onahole, with my first being Magic Eyes Lolinco Extra virgin and Maccos Loreal Va Cute. This is my favourite of the three because it provides a really tight experience with plenty of resistance and some vacuum effect. It is easier to clean than the Lolinco Extra virgin and feels tighter. This really should have been my first Onahole as I recall deciding between this and the Lolinco. Compared to the Lolinco, the opening is smaller and not that exaggerated cameltoe design.

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  • | 3/11/2022

    Short Strokes are Fine

    The transition from soft to hard is too abrupt in my opinion. It feels like there's only about 2" max of use-able stroke before you get forced out and bent over even though you're still inside. I just can't enjoy it. As far as quality goes, its great, exactly as I would expect from magic eyes.

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  • | 3/5/2022

    not bad

    first off its good if you're looking for that tight sensation. however, the tunnel feels a bit simple so it doesn't have much going for it. mine came with a micro tear in the back so a little lotion kept leaking from the end and just made it somewhat annoying.

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  • | 12/2/2021

    5Month review - Tight be gentle

    at first it's amazing, it really is as tight as they get, it held up well with good care and gentle handling , however it started to tear after few months of hard usage. the gimmick is cool , and it does give the virgin feel. if you are looking for tighter go for Rina.

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  • | 11/29/2021

    Good Feel, Problem Build

    Has a very nice feel to it when using, although I've noticed that the soft front end of the toy tears very easily, mine has torn significantly after only 3-4 uses. Make sure you take care when using the product.

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  • | 9/1/2021

    Really good

    Nothing comes close in terms of tightness. Soft, but not too soft. I'm speechless with how good it is.

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  • | 4/26/2021

    Simply buy it...

    Really, not much is to say about it. I do not own the "normal" Tororichi, but I can definetly say, this ones giving a lot of stimulation ! It is as tight as the first 10 Seconds of a real partner and it wont stop to be like this. But considering that, it still feels soft at the same time and the material is pretty strong in compare to a lot of others ! Especially in that Priceclass. So my opinion it, you cant do something wrong here !

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