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Hana chan Virgin experience

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fully adjustable body from the waist down

The Hana chan Virgin experience is much more than just a Hip with Legs. Nearly every part of her Legs is fully adjustable due to a high quality metal skeleton on the inside and can be put into pretty much any position you like. Its pretty much a full blown Loli inspired Sex Doll from the waist down. Enjoy Hana chans tight Holes which are cresting the sensation of pure Virgin sex. Her Vagina and Anal Hole are both realistically modeled on both the inside and outside to get the stimulation and realism to the highest level. And as this is not enough is Hana chan coming to you inlcuded with a cute panty and skirt (design may very form the pictures) as well as a maintenance kit which contains a USB Warmer, Rotor, Cleaning Pump and Gloves.

The Hana chan Virgin experience comes in a plain brown box with no images on it. The Hana chan Virgin experience features

  • fully adjustable sex doll from the waist down due to a metal skeleton on the inside
  • two beautiful modeled Virgin like holes
  • Loli inspired
  • comes with a cute panty, Skirt and maintenance Kit
  • overall Length of the legs ~ 75cm
  • weight approx. 9.5 kg (9500 Grams)
  • Vagina hole depth 160mm / Anal hole depth 150mm

User Reviews

2 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 6/30/2019

    Bottom line...Its not worth the money!

    The feel of this toy is pretty good. The legs bending around allow for a lot of positions and the weight adds to the experience. Product lacks the detail and quality of the pictures shown. This toy takes a lot longer to clean than a normal toy. This is not a toy you would want to buy if you have to hide your toys as it takes up alot of space. Even with light use splitting and tearing occurred at the hole openings. After a few months of light use this toy feels like its lost 50% of its initial stimulation. FYI: I properly cleaned and cared for the toy after every use and was not aggressive with it. I wanted this to last a while because of the big price tag but its just not worth the price.

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  • | 5/26/2019

    Mildly disappointing, Pictures misleading

    Overall, this is a pretty nice product. A few things I'd like to note though, the pictures are not very representative of the actual product. The general design is the same, and the weight and length are as expected, however the holes are much more cheap-looking on the real thing, there's no coloration and no labia whatsoever. The description mentions "realistically modeled on the inside and outside", and although it might just be the one I got, there are many cheaper holes that have better design. If it looked like the pictures then that would be different, but again, it's more like two holes drilled in the bottom instead of realistic like in the pictures. The legs are quite nice and do hold shape well. The description mentions that it includes a panty and skirt, but designs vary. The actual product seems to be much more random in what you get, I received two pairs of leggings, a panty, but no skirt. The maintenance kit came with the usb warmer, gloves, and pump, but not the rotor. Mine also had an air bubble under the top layer of material on one leg near the ankle, easy to fix but left a little bit of material not flush with the rest of the leg. Small defects like these are to be expected, but in combination with the other things not being like what the pictures show, it was just more notable. I got this with the golden week sale, otherwise I'd rate the price two stars. If the actual product looked like the pictures, again, it would be a star higher across the board. All in all, for the price, you're better off getting a hip unless you really want the legs. The actual product isn't as well-designed as the pictures, and the items are random to the point you might get double of one legging or panty instead of a skirt. If pictures could be added on here I would, just as a warning to people wanting to buy this. It definitely has the weight and a good feel to it, but the hole design was disappointing after seeing good quality holes in the pictures.

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