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Hana chan Virgin experience

"Hana chan Virgin experience"

fully adjustable body from the waist down
  • Sku: Hana chan Virgin experience
Hana chan Virgin experience

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The Hana chan Virgin experience is much more than just a Hip with Legs. Nearly every part of her Legs is fully adjustable due to a high quality metal skeleton on the inside and can be put into pretty much any position you like. Its pretty much a full blown Loli inspired Sex Doll from the waist down. Enjoy Hana chans tight Holes which are cresting the sensation of pure Virgin sex. Her Vagina and Anal Hole are both realistically modeled on both the inside and outside to get the stimulation and realism to the highest level. And as this is not enough is Hana chan coming to you inlcuded with a cute panty and skirt (design may very form the pictures) as well as a maintenance kit which contains a USB Warmer, Rotor, Cleaning Pump and Gloves.

The Hana chan Virgin experience comes in a plain brown box with no images on it.The Hana chan Virgin experience features
  • fully adjustable sex doll from the waist down due to a metal skeleton on the inside
  • two beautiful modeled Virgin like holes
  • Loli inspired
  • comes with a cute panty, Skirt and maintenance Kit
  • overall Length of the legs ~ 75cm
  • weight approx. 9.5 kg (9500 Grams)
  • Vagina hole depth 160mm / Anal hole depth 150mm

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