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Hanjuku Succubus Potential Succupote

Soft Onahole by Kiteru Kiteru
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Product Type: Soft Onahole

Collaboration Onahole between Kiteru Kiteru & Hot Powers

This sexy immature succubus will definitely last longer than you. She just can't get enough and she's constantly horny. Enjoy her tight pussy with the Hanjuku Succubus Potential Succupote Onahole, a collaboration toy between Hot Powers by Kiteru Kiteru. This stimulating handheld male masturbator is soft and supple on the outside and features three different chambers within made from a soft yet firm material that results in pleasing sensations as it slides up and down your shaft. The textured walls of this kinky succubus' inner pussy will induce powerful orgasmic finishes - just the way she likes it. Both toymakers have put in their vast knowledge and expertise into making this premium onahole so you can be sure that it is easy to maintain and durable as well as superbly pleasurable.

The Hanjuku Succubus Potential Succupote Onahole Features:
  • High-Quality Collaboration Male Masturbator by Kiteru Kiteru & Hot Powers
  • Immature Horny Succubus Theme
  • Three-Point Structure Inner Tunnel
  • Single Layer Material For Durability
  • Comes with Complimentary Lubricant
  • Weight: 410 Grams
  • Dimensions: 170 mm length
  • Made in Japan


1 Customer Reviews for Hanjuku Succubus Potential Succupote

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by Mr. Dominoes May 13, 2020
This Succubus is hungry for you...

The Hanjuku Succubus Potential Succupote hole is my first onahole, and what an onahole to start with!

First thing's first, this hole looks unappealing. It doesn't have any design or shapes that draws in attention. Its literally a newspaper role. The box however is so sexy, and very smart. The box is transparent and has a plastic sleeve that'll have the girl's clothes on her. Take the sleeve off, and she's fully exposed.

The sensation this hole provides is absolutely insane. By itself its pretty standard, but because the hole is so soft and flexible, you can make this thing become unrealistically stimulating. Because of the grooves, crevices, and freedom to twist, morph, and squeeze the hole however you want, it took me almost an hour to stop using it.

Cleaning the hole is so easy! It can be turned inside out without causing any damage what-so-ever, and you're able to freely clean it out wherever it needs to be cleaned. Now because the hole is very soft and flexible, it may feel very flimsy and easy to break. But don't let that concern you. As long as you're not intentionally trying to rip this thing in half, this hole will last accordingly.

Overall, I can't stop using this hole. It really feels like a cock-hungry succubus is sucking you dry, if not drinking your member dry. Its worth it 100%. I'd love to see more products like this.

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