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Insert Air Pillow Grab Bag

by Tama Toys
$73.95 $51.40 Save $22.55
(appx. 66.87 )
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With the Insert Air Pillow Grab Bag from Tama Toys you get the perfect start into the world of their popular Insert Air Pillow series. With this set you get 3 random Insert Air Pillow covers together with the Insert Air Pillow itself. You save 30% compare to a separate purchase. The Insert Air Pillow series is adding a lot of fun and excitement to your Onahole. The Insert Air Pillow series has hundreds of Covers to choose from, giving you countless options for every fetish and liking.

The Insert Air Pillow Grab Bag by Tama Toys features
  • Get 3 random Insert Air Pillow Covers by Tama Toys and the Insert Air Pillow itself
  • use it with your Onaholes to add a lot of fun
  • great Starter set - hundreds of Insert Air Pillow covers are available
  • by Tama Toys


4 Customer Reviews for Insert Air Pillow Grab Bag

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by John May 27, 2020
Perfect Beginner

This is the absolute best thing to start your journey into onaholes. Small and easy to hide with all kinds of covers. And the grab bag makes it fun. Overall such a great purchase.

by Jacob March 7, 2019
Great bundle

This is really good for those that do not have an Insert Air Pillow yet, it gives you the pillow and three random covers for a much lower price than you would pay separately. The pillow and cover combination adds a layer of realism to your onaholes. Now I rarely use onaholes without an air pillow.

A tip for easier inflation. I only deflate the pillow enough to remove the onahole and I keep a cover on it ready to go. I use one of those hand pumps that are for sporting equipment, they cost 5-10 USD, just make sure it comes with a nozzle meant for air mattresses or beach balls(most do). I store it under my bed, it's small enough that it doesn't take up much space.

by John March 1, 2019
Perfect bundle

Well, I am a sucker for these kinds of bundles. I like surprises better than spending years picking out designs myself. The pillow cases are very good, it's two way tricot and not peach skin, which is obviously so it can stretch for when the pillow is full of air. If you don't know about dakimakura materials you usually get 2WT or Peach Skin where the latter is cheaper, cannot strecth but is nicer to the touch. Oh, and inflating/deflating this one is a big pain, so I used the low-pressure air inflater for air mattresses I had lying around. You can get these things for 15 bucks. Might be a good tips for others?

by Chaipheree December 6, 2018
1 stone 3 birds?

material of pillow case is very good but remember pillow is plastic so if u want to use as pillow i suggest to find some small pillow and put it in if use for sex toy air pillow is great deal

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