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KAIKAN - impregnate hormone

by Toys Heart
Impregnate Fetish masturbator
Maker Toys Heart
Weight 285 Grams
Dimensions 140x65mm
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User Reviews

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  • | 7/5/2021

    If you have an impregnation fetish, this could be the one for you

    I wish I knew who made the art. The box shows you a cutie who seems to not mind getting knocked up. That really just makes you wanna go at it even more. The overall feel is good, and you'll have an easy time cleaning this up. I also wish they added a bigger sachet of lube since where I'm from it's kinda hard to look for one, especially with this pandemic going on.

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  • | 5/24/2021

    Again, alright hole, far better art

    Between the lust pheromone and impregnate hormone, I feel like there are barely any difference. Which means that both the review for this one and the other are going to be the same, with minor differences. Sure, the insides look different in their box art, but really? I feel like they're quite similar. The exterior is, at least. The characters on the boxes also look the same or at the very least similar. And some of the art on the back and sides looks like it has been reused by either one of them. But then you look closer and realize that the art is actually slightly different. The only real difference with the art is that the lust pheromone looks like the couple is going at it in a love hotel, whereas the couple in impregnate hormone is going at it on the couch at home. Both situations are kinda hot. Most of the time, you'll have cylindrically-shaped onaholes. Sometimes they have a bit of a mini-torso kind of shape. And then there's this. I don't even know how to describe this. That being said, these holes are nice and soft. And the box art is pretty good, but is it enough for me to keep buying items made by Toys Heart? Yeah, probably. The art usually does that. You and your girlfriend are enjoying one of the rare days off from work. A day where the both of you are off from work and can spend some quality time together. A rather lazy day. 'How about we make a baby?' Your girlfriend asks. You look at her, suddenly really turned on. This is what you have been programmed for, biologically speaking. You push her down onto the couch and help her out of her clothes. 'Here?' She asks. 'Where the neighbours could see us?' You look at the blinds in front of the large floor to ceiling sliding doors with windows going their entire length. You don't care. The old couple across the street? Let them watch. Let them see you impregnate your girlfriend. If they manage to see through the blinds. Which they might. But who cares? You'll be doing your biological duty. In fact, you'll be doing your duty to your country. Making babies, countering the low birthrate the country has. The art shows the girl (sweaty after intercourse) holding a hand over her stomach, looking down at it, while smiling and blushing, which is highlighted by a lighter area. Which could indicate that she has gotten pregnant after the day's intercourse. On the other hand, it feels a bit like her hair is a bit longer, her breasts a bit larger and her stomach a bit swollen compared to the rest of the art, which might indicate that she didn't get pregnant immediately.

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