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Kakurenbo - Hidden Love

Torso Onahole by YELOLAB
US$328.68 save US$65.16
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Maker YELOLABProduct Type Torso Onahole

Weight 8800 Grams
Dimensions 420x270x170

User Reviews

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  • | 3/31/2021

    It's feels good, but at a cost

    No, I don't mean the price tag. It feels amazing and the weight is nice to experience. It's very soft to the touch, but not flimsy like softer toys are. My only complaint is that the material inside is very fragile. After only four uses, the toy has a dime sized hole inside the vagina one centimeter into the toy. I am not a heavy user either, so the interior walls must be very thin to be ripped that easily. Even though the price tag is nothing to loose sleep over, considering how relatively high it is, you'd think that the toy would be a lot more resilient than just for four average uses. At the end of the day, it doesn't ruin the experience having an extra hole where there isn't supposed to be one, but the cleaning process requires me to clean out that hole that leads right into the internal bone structure as well as the toy. Only lubricant ends up getting in there, but having to worry about it is a pain. All in all, the product is fantastic. It feels good on entry, the weight of it allows for consistency in the experience, and you can use it in a variety of positions. But unless you are a very light user of your toys, you are likely to come across the same issue as me.

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