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Kimetsu no Yaiba Fangs Onahole

by Tama Toys
Demon Slayer parody Blowjob Onahole
Maker Tama Toys
Weight 320 Grams
Dimensions 170x70mm
US$39.29 save US$6.96
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User Reviews

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  • | 1/4/2023

    Love it

    I really like the teeth. Its my first Mouth-Onahole so i cant really compare it but i like the feeling. The teeth and the tongue are kinda realistic. Overall worth the price.

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  • | 8/31/2022

    Great for first timers

    This was my first fellatio onahole. First of all the build quality is top notch. The outside material feels very high quality. As for inside, it is great also. You can easily feel the teeth and tongue as you enter. There is a very distinct bump as you slide past it. Though you cant really tell the fangs are there I suspect they are more for aesthetics than anything. All around I highly recommend this onahole for anyone looking for a fellatio onahole.

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  • | 6/10/2022

    feel so good

    smooth skin outside and inside this is better and better. you can feel the little tongue and take your time in mooth for feel all teeth flexible. my tip: you can crate ring with your hand for imulate little closing this mooth. if you need to go deeper you can feel the potential of this sweety girl .

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  • | 2/22/2022

    Good for novices, maybe...

    Reviews are polarized, you either like it or hate it. I haven't tried many onaholes so maybe that's why I can say I liked this one. If I would have more experience with similar products, my review would look like most on here probably, or not. I enjoyed the feeling of the teeth and tongue at the start of the onahole even though when you go all the way there isn't much more. So that's when being a novice like me could help you, if you haven't tried many onaholes then this will be enough for you, and you will love it.

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  • | 2/17/2022

    No good

    Interesting look but no feels at all compared to other mouth onahole out there

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  • | 1/27/2022

    Not worth the price 36 USD price tag. But not bad.

    It was a decent blowjob experience, however as stated above, I do not believe it was worth the price they are asking. The teeth are the worst part, they're soft. Like, too soft. To the point where you don't even feel them(minus for me personally). I was expected them to be more pronounced as teeth sing the whole "Fangs" thing is a main attraction for this product. The mouth/throat texture was nice and the stimulation was better for a slow love kinda feel, which I personally enjoyed with this product. The teeth broke after a few months of having it (which is to be expected). Overall if you're dead set on getting a Nezuko themed blowjob toy then by all means, get it. I would still say wait for a sale since there are better products out there.

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  • | 1/12/2022

    Not worth

    Looks great, but it definitely is not worth the price. If you're looking for something like this better stick to Magic Eyes.

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  • | 8/4/2021

    Its 50/50

    This is my first Onahole, so I'm no expert. It looks way better then it feels. Don't get me wrong it is pretty good!. I cant ever feel the teeth because it is the same soft material as the the mouth. The tongue is cute but serves nothing as well. To make things worse you can't even see the teeth and the tongue, its too far back :( Pros Incredibly soft, easy to clean, good suction, nice sounds, awesome looking inside, lovely lips, cute little nose. Cons Import and shipping butchered the price (Living in Canada), teeth and tongue overall a no go :(

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  • | 4/30/2021


    Ok i had high hopes for this Onahole, sticking it in the only real stimuli you feel is the teeth and tongue past that there really is nothing to help you get off, after the first use there was a small tear at the corner of the mouth there was plenty of lube in use so the lack thereof is not the cause, my penis size is above average so its not a i'm (Rance) problem...... i have ordered other products from this site and i have to say there is a problem when a 11$ item gives me more fun then this item (47$) at the time of purchase. TLDR do not fall for other reviews this is a bad product.

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  • | 1/25/2021


    Well, as soon as this onahole came back to the store I ordered one and it was a great decision. You know it is no acccident that it is always out of stock because it is really a quality one. First of all the design with the fangs is really outstanding and "exotic" and the teeth feel great. When you instert your tip the teeth will be there and oh boy it is a bit rough feeling but a welcome one. At halfway the tunnel narrows and the feeling becomes even better, although there is nothing "rewarding" at the end of the tunnel there is plenty of material at the end so you can thrust as deep as you want. All in all worth every dollar.

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