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Kupa Trip

by Magic Eyes
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Camel Toe pocket pussy
Maker Magic Eyes

Come with us on a Trip to Camel Toe town! The Kupa Trip onahole comes from a long tradition of great onaholes that Magic Eyes have published. We would even go as far as calling them the King of Camel Toe's. On the outside the Kupa Trip is completely black with a matt finish which helps to prevent it from becoming sticky after washing. It also has nice details on the outside, supporting the overall theme of this Came Toe Goddess being a true Tomb Raider. The inside of the Kupa Trip comes with a red dual layer material and tight rib textured walls. The main sensation is that the stimulation is very intense and your member gets wrapped up tight. You feel the vaccum and pressure from all sides as the Kupa Trip onahole is sucking the very last drop out of you.

The Kupa Trip male sex toy by Magic Eyes features

  • realistic feeling dual layer male masturbator
  • genuine adult toy from Japan
  • comes with a matt finished surface
  • weight of this onahole about 340 Grams
  • measurements of this onahole approx. 150x67mm
  • comes with a free sample lube

User Reviews

3 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 10/31/2021

    tighter than it is soft

    durable use slick not thick lotion

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  • | 5/12/2021

    Not for big 'uns

    I was really looking forward to this because it seems like the perfect storm of magic eye gimmicks that could possibly fix all the main gripes I've had with their products (poor outer durability, lack of reinforced interior)- credit where credit is due, Kupa trip does fix those...but reintroduces new ones. The entryway is hella small, and combined with how stiff the onahole is (if i dropped it off my roof it could concuss someone), it makes entering it feel like a painful experience. The tightness is death-grip level and it wasn't a good experience since it kept rocketing off my little brother whenever I let go of the thing- hilarious but not what i'd expect for a hole. Overall, this is a YMMV thing- smaller guys may really enjoy this, but if you're just a little more on the thick side this will hurt a bit.

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  • | 3/17/2019

    Aesthetically pleasing but also feels good

    A modest-sized onahole with a unique exterior design. It's actually pretty soft, much softer than I initially thought it was going to be. I do have a complaint though and that would be that it stinks. Whatever material they used has a pretty strong smell up close. It won't fill the room with a stench but considering this was my 2nd onahole I was surprised at how "strong" the odor was compared to my first which had practically no smell.

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