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Kurea Hasumi +

Onahole Based on Japanese AV Star "Kurea Hasumi +" by EXE

male masturbator based on the japanese porn star Kurea Hasumi
  • Maker: EXE
  • Sku: 蓮実クレア+
Kurea Hasumi +
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Japanese porn stars are among the most beautiful in the world and Kurea Hasumi is one of them. The Kurea Hasumi + onahole by EXE is based on her and her juicy pussy. The outside shows a wonderful round shaped little ass. Considering the size of the Kurea Hasumi + onahole, the level of detail we have here is stunning. The inside has a second layer in it, making this male masturbator feeling very realistic with its double later material. With a relatively light weight of just around 200 Grams is the Kurea Hasumi + onahole easy to store. Coming with a small pack of lotion, is the real japanese porn star experience about to start as soon as you open the box. A thumbs up from the otonaJP Team.

The Kurea Hasumi + onahole by EXE features
  • realistic male sex toy based on the japanese porn star Kurea Hassumi
  • made by EXE Japan
  • dual layer onahole
  • onahole weight about 200 Grams
  • comes with a small pack of lotion

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