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Layers Yumeno Aika

by EXE
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male masturbator based on the japanese porn star Yumeno Aika
Maker EXE

The Layers Yumeno Aika onahole from EXE Japan is based on the beautiful japanese porn star Yumeno Aika. This onahole is an adorable replica of her sweet pussy. It feels very smooth and soft and has a a very nice looking Vagina. The Layers Yumeno Aika onahole is made of a dual layer structure which feels very realistic. At the beginning of the inside we have different chambers with ribs which are offering an even stimulation to you. You can imagine it like the 3 steps to Climax. At the end we have a vacuum chamber with dots in it which are giving a nice and intense feeling on your Glans. The material of the Layers Yumeno Aika onahole in general has no smell and is not sticky. A very nice male masturbator that should not be missed on.

The Layers Yumeno Aika onahole by EXE features

  • male sex toy based on the japanese porn star Yumeno Aika
  • made by EXE Japan
  • dual layer material for an ultra realistic feeling
  • onahole weight about 400 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 160x75x55mm
  • comes with a small pack of lotion

User Reviews

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  • | 12/5/2020

    Like sex with condom.

    +feels durable. +easy to clean. +flexible. +no smell +be creative ?Sounds like she's deepthroating, a lot of sucking-sounds from the last cave. -overpriced. -not a lot of simulation. -smal detail error on one of the pink lips, looks like a part is teared off. -difficult to press out the air before insertion. -the outer lips aren't closed like in the picture. It's not a bad hole all in all. Even with the high price tag it's nice and wraps around your dick just right after entering. For me even against gravity it wants to slide off. It is ok in stimulation, not at the top but it's slightly less than sex with condom. Which does the work but it's not that sweet feeling you get from slowly pressing it inside and feel how it wraps around your dick, wanting your juices instantly. This might not be the same for every size as I'm medium in both length and size. About 14-15cm. It's more of a longer passionate session. Each cave gives off a different feeling so try a lot of different movements with it as you move it up and down to find your favourite. Even so it feels like there's always air inside which makes a sound when you enter the last part. Maybe it's just me who's not skilled enough with pressing out the air. After you're done it's easy to clean her with water soap and your finger. It doesn't smell anything unless you press your face against it and it's not sticky after cleaning. I believe baby powder will make it smooth and nice as there's some resistance when I slide my finger across it after drying it. Can't say that it's worth the price tag but I like that it feels very clean. And the plastic bag it came in was very clean. All in all I won't buy again as it's overpriced and I will use it many more time. Because it's so easy to clean.

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