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Loreal Va Cute

Hip Onahole by maccos Japan
Lolita themed masturbator
Maker maccos Japan
Product Type Hip Onahole
With the Loreal Va Cute onahole has maccos Japan created a truly fantastic Loli Sex experience. We have a Petite Lower body, complete with two innocent holes for penetration. Both holes with a unique sensation that resembles Sex with an inexperienced girl. The inner walls of the holes are rich textured and they are giving you an even and intense stimulation. The Body feels very smooth and soft, just as you would expect. The cute little butt cheeks are beautifully designed and specially her Virgin Vagina lets you get excited to pop this cherry on first sight. Add some cute panties (not included) to it, to make this fantasy perfect. The Loreal Va Cute onahole surely won't disappoint you.

The Loreal Va Cute male sex toy by maccos Japan features
  • High Quality Japanese Adult Toy
  • Young Lolita themed masturbator
  • double hole - Vagina and Anal
  • onahole weight about 2000 Grams
  • measurements approx. 190x180x130mm
  • comes with a small pack of lube
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User Reviews

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  • | 8/23/2022

    Good value hip

    I took a bit of a risk getting this hip as there were no other reviews yet, and not much information or opinions about it online. On paper, it ticked all the boxes of what I wanted in a hip - realistic, significant size and weight, 2 holes and beautiful construction. Both holes feel very nice. The entry point is tight, emulating that 'inexperienced girl' effect, although once you make penetration the rest of the passage is normal tightness. Plenty of nubs and texture inside to provide stimulation, though compared to other holes I've tried like the Lolinco and GichiGichi from MagicEyes the stimulation is moderate. The size and arrangement gives you many options in terms of position. You can use it as a large 2-handed onahole, or you can use it either missionary or doggy atop a desk or prone on the bed. I found it to give a good variety going between the 2 holes. Anal hole entry is small and tight to enter, but quite rewarding once you're in. The sensation is moderately consistent, so great for longer relaxed sessions though the sensation can intensify if you speed things up. Cleaning is very easy - surprisingly easy for a hip this size with 2 holes! The two tunnels are linked, so you can pass water through one end and have it squirt out the other end to give a good flush. It is kinda erotic in its own way seeing fluid squirt out of the hole that way, but be careful you might get water everywhere if your water pressure is high and you have it aimed towards you. Some cons? A few minor aspects I believe could be improved: -When it arrived, the surface was covered inconsistently with some pink pigment from the factory. It kinda makes it look like she has a heat rash, which is not necessarily a bad thing per se. After first use, I washed the outside gently with soapy water and most of the pink pigment is now gone and she looks a more natural, healthy color. The pink pigment can stain other surfaces, but is easily washed off. -Designed in Japan, Assembled in China. Not really a con, but I was expecting a Made in Japan onahole, not Made in China. But totally my fault for not looking more closely at the box art and descriptions. I have nothing against products made in China, but my 2 other onaholes that are Made in Japan (from Magic Eyes) do feel like they were manufactured to a higher standard of quality. However, I surmise this is how Maccos can keep their costs down on such a large and well designed product. -There is a bit of a sweet rubbery smell. The smell is not unpleasant, but will stay in your room and your hands a bit. But this is not uncommon for many onaholes, and maybe with time it will fade. -You'll definitely need to keep the surface smooth with baby powder. The surface can feel a bit sticky after cleaning. Not a problem for me, because I have a big bottle of baby powder that I use for all my holes after use. Overall, a pleasurable and high value hip. As I said in the beginning, it ticks a lot of boxes of what people look for in a good hip. The product feels quite durable and the material is of moderate hardness. It should last a long time.

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