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Lovely sister mini onahole

by Toys Heart
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small and portable masturbator for men
Maker Toys Heart

The Lovely sister mini onahole is a small and portable masturbator that was designed for the quick fun in between. Just open the box, lube it up and thrust away into happiness. The rich textured inside will push you to climax quicker than you think and by adjusting the pressure with your hand you can intensify the stimulation even further. The Lovely sister mini onahole is an open type masturbator and can super easily be cleaned. Maker Toys Heart is well known for the durability of their toys and the Lovely sister mini is no exception to that.

The Lovely sister mini onahole male sex toy by Toys Heart features

  • High Quality Adult Toy from Japan
  • portable and easy to take on trips due to its handy size
  • open type masturbator that can easily be cleaned
  • onahole weight about 73 Grams / measurements approx. 75x45x75mm
  • comes with a small pouch of lube

User Reviews

9 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 4/30/2023

    A great tag on item

    This along with its alternate version are some of the best toys for their price on this site. this one while not as stimulating is still awesome and might be your preference if you prefer a more drawn out climax.

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  • | 11/15/2022

    Good Quicky

    For the price it really isn't bad for a last min add on, feels good and can be used with other toys at the same time

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  • | 4/24/2022

    Just throw this in the cart!

    Very low priced, when you're looking for a toy just throw this one in there too while you're at it. This has become my favorite shower buddy since i've got it. Not insanely stimulating on the shaft or base, especially if you have foreskin this won't do anything new for you, but i imagine if you're cut this would be a new experience for you. However, using this on the head no matter your circumcision situation is nice asf. Since this is just a small tube, cleaning is the easiest thing in the world. it can be turned inside out and rinsed in a moment. box is very smol and cute too imo only cons is when using it outside of the shower, its unexpectedly loud and messy

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  • | 12/16/2021

    Don't even bother reading this review, just buy it.

    Best hole to start with. It's quick and easy, feels nice, works for most (if not all) sizes, it's the easiest clean of your life, and it practically dries itself for you. I bought a few of these thinking I was gonna burn through 'em pretty quickly considering how cheap they were, but I'm genuinely surprised at how after about a month of continuous use I'm still somehow still on the first one. Easily breezes past 10+ uses like it's nothing, that's less than a dollar per use. Probably the best value for money on this site.

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  • | 9/30/2021

    Great for the price

    It's a nice little novel onahole for a cheap asking price. It's nice if you don't like closed onaholes, and is easy to clean. Fairly good stimulation, and the material is nice and solid.

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  • | 2/26/2021

    Lovely sister mini onahole

    So the lovely little sister mini onahole is really small and the mini does suit here as name . like really, its so small you can probably order 2, push both down your dick and use it as one xD. it's even smaller than (but not as tight) as the caution tight hole!. well aside from the mini size its open (otherwise you might not be able even to use it anyways since you would tear or rip it apart well break the end anyways xD) so both sites are open and it doesnt really matter which site you take as end or beginn since they are both with the same texture in it anyways i guess. inside it got like 3 ridges there like one in the middle and then with some space between that close to the start and end, well the openings whatever, with lots of little bumps between that which gives a pretty good stimulation there. you really feel the texture of it. it is pretty much as described on the page "made for some quick fun " not sure but that kinda really got me off quickly . its not a hard onahole but you kinda feel strongly really good the texture and how it rubs or stimmulates you xD . it got the habbit of kinda pushing the lube up over your tip if you stroke it down your dick , while you dont need much for that size anyways tho. which makes it also really simple to wash out since its open on both sides and only very small . well if it would be closed at one end and bigger in size it would be probably a really good onahole but yeah its a mini sized open onahole (which means no suction effect/ doesnt suck you in ) but for the size it is and the cheap price its better than i expected, it felt great and is, i think, designed to get you quickly to cum xD . like a fast quick little sister ride :3 . 7.5/10

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  • | 12/21/2020

    Good Starter

    This hole was a pretty good starter onahole, and I still go back to it from time to time. Sensation is quite pleasant on the head, but due to its size, it's more of a shaft stroker, or a 'booster' as another reviewer has said. It's a little tight, with many tiny bumps. Less tight than the mischievous sister. Compact, roughly the length of a credit card. Fairly easy to hide and transport. Cheap, decent option if you want something easy Easy to clean and maintain due to its open-ended design Fairly durable No burnout stench, rubber smell lighter than regular balloons. Unfortunately, it can also be messy, because of how small it is, while being open ended. This also means it may need further applications of lube while in use. Overall, I feel that I probably got a little more than what was paid.

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  • | 9/19/2020


    Have a long dick? Japanese onaholes too small? Don't fret, this can be a booster!! Or together with its sister you can have some foreplay before getting into real onaholes. Yes sadly this isn't quite the drainer... but more a motivator.

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  • | 5/27/2020

    True Pocket Pussy

    Such a nice and compact onahole to bring with you or if you are in a place where you have to hide stuff. The quality of the inner is deent but could be a bit tighter. I think I would prefer the other option from this line.

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