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Meandering Vagina Wall

Hentai Onahole by A-One
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Product Type: Hentai Onahole

Fallen Angel character Hentai Pocket Pussy

Weight 290 Grams
Dimensions 145x60mm


2 Customer Reviews for Meandering Vagina Wall

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by Mr. Dominoes June 12, 2020
A Succubus ready to drain you...

I really do enjoy succubi and their themes in hentai, and this onahole does a wonderful job replicating a succubus draining your member dry.

Firstly, the material is very soft and durable. You can change it inside out to clean it, and it won't get any tears. So maintenance is already A+. The onahole's exterior is wavy, so you can get a very good grip on it.

The sensation you get from this hole is something else. The bumps within that create the zig-zag sensation can really rub you in all the right places and just give you pleasure like no other. Like the "Hanjuku Succubus Potential Succupote", this hole also took me a long while to finally put down after continued use.

The best part about this hole is that its price is very inviting. For 20 or 15 dollars, I say this is worth every dollar. And the artwork on the box just makes this hole all the more enjoyable. It truly does feel like a Succubus is having her way with me, or the opposite. Either way, I love the Meandering Vagina Wall.

by Joshok January 3, 2020
It's really good.

The material used is very resilient and won't flop/be a let down after repeated use.
I've treated it extremely rough and had no rips or tears is honestly one of the best holes I've ever bought and would recommend to everyone.

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