• Sku: メガストローク#2 ダイカイテンツイストホール
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Mega Stroke #2 Daikai Ten Twist Hole

Tight Onahole by DNA Japan

Tight & Intense Pocket Pussy

The original List Price of the Mega Stroke #2 Daikai Ten Twist Hole is: $42.68. With us, you save $15.28 (36%) on the original Manufacturers suggested Retail Price!

  • Maker: DNA Japan
  • Product Type: Tight Onahole


The Mega Stroke #2 Daikai Ten Twist Onahole is a superb hentai male masturbator by DNA Japan that lets you experience the sublime love tunnel of a horny anime girl. What makes this toy special is the three-part tunnel design, featuring a unique twist in the middle of the tunnel that is surrounded by pleasurable ridges - all combining to provide awesome stimulation along your entire shaft. Each stroke inside this toy provides irresistible pleasure that will keep your member fully erect and entirely aroused during each session, ending in a satisfying finish.

The Mega Stroke #2 Daikai Ten Twist Hole Sex Toy Features:
  • High-Quality Male Masturbator by DNA Japan
  • Durable Single-Layer Design
  • Hentai Anime Girl Theme
  • Unique Three-Part Tunnel with "Twist" Design
  • Complimentary Pack Of Lubricant
  • Weight: 390 Grams
  • Dimensions: 160 x 70 mm


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