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Meiki Zekkei Kiwami

by A-One
Large Meiki themed Masturbator
Maker A-One
Weight 2000 Grams
Dimensions 180x220mm
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User Reviews

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  • | 5/24/2021

    It's alright, not worth the money.

    This one is my first hip onahole, so I can't make comparisons to others. However, as a general onahole, I don't think this one is worth the money. One of the draws to me was the coloring around the vagina, but that wore off after one or two washes. The detail is decent, but nothing you'll notice when actually using it. The top hole a little subtle. As someone who's smack dab in the middle of the penis size/girth distribution, it was just slightly big, and what few features there were weren't great, but it wasn't terrible either. The bottom hole is somewhat tight (not as much as some of the tight Virgin Age), but whatever is in there doesn't feel good at all, even with thick lube. But because this is a hip onahole, it's got some heft to it, and allowing gravity to do some of the work instead of positioning the holes laterally actually feels really unique and good. It is kind of a hassle to do that for an entire session, but as an ender, it's pretty nice. After about 2 months of use, I did notice some stretching but nothing that made it feel any worse. Cleaning is fairly easy as the holes are large enough to drain most of what's inside without much effort. Overall, I wouldn't say this is unique enough of an experience to warrant the cost. The visual appeal quickly loses out considering how limiting it's usage is, and the feeling is just okay. It would be better to just buy two separate, unique onaholes. Feel (top): 2/5 Feel (bot): 3/5 Ease of use: 3/5 Cleaning and storage: 4/5

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