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Meltys Quest Nakadashi Soft

Hentai Onahole by Hot Powers
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Product Type: Hentai Onahole

pocket pussy based on the Hentai RPG Meltys Quest

If you are too afraid that the Hard version of the Meltys Quest onahole might rips off your dick, then we got something for you. The soft version, the Meltys Quest Nakadashi Soft onahole is based on the popular Hentai RPG Meltys Quest, available on Steam. While the before mentioned hard version gives you an original and mind blowing Anal sex experience, the Nakadashi Soft version lets you fuck her sweet and dripping wet pussy. The durable single layer material feels soft and smooth in your hand. The inside has a slightly curved tunnel, for a tight pussy stimulation. You can now finally not only enjoy the game but also her sweet holes. The box comes with stunning artworks which are incredible lewd, a real collectors item.

The Meltys Quest Nakadashi Soft male sex toy by Hot Powers features
  • genuine japanese adult toy
  • male masturbator based on the Hentai RPG Meltys Quest which is available on Steam
  • soft version for a nice Vaginal sex experience
  • weight of this onahole about 310 Grams
  • enjoy the sweet and softness of her innocent tight pussy
  • comes with a small pack of lube included


2 Customer Reviews for Meltys Quest Nakadashi Soft

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by Alvin May 16, 2019
The softest I've ever tried!

It's very very very soft, like, super soft, semi melted marshmallow soft, like Trish-from-JoJo's-came-and-used-Spice-Girl-on-it-soft. I find it very fun to play with other than f*cking it, like stretching it, spinning it like a cowboy lasso, sticking my entire fist in, propping it up and using it as a vase for my imaginary flower, inflate it with air etc. It too soft for me to use it just as an onahole god dammit.
I received 2 of these because the hard version ran outta stock (gotta send those orcs out to capture me the princess... it's a game reference... play the game, it's REALLY good) and I took it as a green light to experiment on it like all the crazy shit you've seen in hentai. Do you know that you can flip this thing inside out to clean and not(instantly, I flipped it inside out at least 50 something times until I see tiny cracks and made it feels stretched out, which adds to the realism of a worn out gyaru/sl*t p*ssy) destroy it? IT IS THAT SOFT AND FLEXIBLE!! However, the trade off is, obviously, low stimulation. I don't feel a damn thing other than the rough shape of my hands jacking me off using a pudding/semi melted-marshmallow. All I feel is something gentle slowly caressing my d*ck, like a hentai video game protagonist putting his d*ck in a slime girl's p*ssy. Between this and all the other onaholes in my collection(I'm addicted send help), this is by far the softest, gentlest, and longest fapping session I've ever had, I even sandwiched the thing between the mattress and base of my bed for doggy-style fun, it's still the gentlest thing I've ever felt. It doesn't smell BUT, the material itself is sticky, i would suggest you wash it with cold to almost warm water, and powder it every time after use. Use a paper towel to dry it by pressing down on it hard so it can absorb all the moisture out to prevent stickiness during the next fapping session.

1. Durable, you'll be surprised at how durable this can be with it's softness.
2. Best day off for my d*ck from all the Masochistic things I've been doing to it, it's soft and gentle, like going for a message.
3. It'll be a long fapping session with this baby, so find the best hour-long AV you like, pour some wine, lean back and relax.
4. Box art is INCREDIBLE, I'm cutting it out and pasting it my scrapbook, all hail the artist.

1. Low stimulation, like, nu-uh, nothin', this-ain't-it-chief kinda nothing.
2. Hard to hold on to since it's ALWAYS "overflowing" from your hand with how soft it is. Advice(not really): Flex tape this to your hand.
3. Sticky if handled poorly. Avoid warm/hot water, it's bad, trust me, i've had 2 of these to test with.

P/s, I'm still waiting for my orcs to come back with the princess's *ss...

by wkp March 16, 2019
Good gimmick, low stimulation

Meltys Quest Nakadashi Soft has special gimmick on its end with small final room, it will make chupa chupa sound if using right amount of lube. This makes me think of Sujiman kupa Rina (small version) which it has same gimmick but with
stronger chupa and feeling.
There is some S curve, but the wall pattern was quite too fine to feel much of the wall. Low stimulation, might be good for user intended in long session.

Feeling: ★★★☆☆
Odor: Surprisingly near zero! Hey everyone should use this technology in their holes!
Stickiness: Low

Final: You can try if you are on soft-faction, might feels nothing for normal/hard users. Definitely a quality product, but with low stimulation.

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