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Meltys Quest Nakadashi Soft

Hentai Onahole "Meltys Quest Nakadashi Soft" by Hot Powers

pocket pussy based on the Hentai RPG Meltys Quest
  • Maker: Hot Powers
  • Sku: メルティスクエスト なかだしソフト
Meltys Quest Nakadashi Soft
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If you are too afraid that the Hard version of the Meltys Quest onahole might rips off your dick, then we got something for you. The soft version, the Meltys Quest Nakadashi Soft onahole is based on the popular Hentai RPG Meltys Quest, available on Steam. While the before mentioned hard version gives you an original and mind blowing Anal sex experience, the Nakadashi Soft version lets you fuck her sweet and dripping wet pussy. The durable single layer material feels soft and smooth in your hand. The inside has a slightly curved tunnel, for a tight pussy stimulation. You can now finally not only enjoy the game but also her sweet holes. The box comes with stunning artworks which are incredible lewd, a real collectors item.

The Meltys Quest Nakadashi Soft male sex toy by Hot Powers features
  • genuine japanese adult toy
  • male masturbator based on the Hentai RPG Meltys Quest which is available on Steam
  • soft version for a nice Vaginal sex experience
  • weight of this onahole about 310 Grams
  • enjoy the sweet and softness of her innocent tight pussy
  • comes with a small pack of lube included

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