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Mina Kitano Namagoshi Raw Masterpiece

Hip Onahole by NPG
Maker NPG
Simulation Anal, Vaginal
Fantasy JAV (Pornstar)
Hole Design Closed Hole Type
Material Construction Double Layer
Usability Reusable
Material Firmness Regular
Number of Holes 2
Product Weight 6000g / 13.23lbs
Length/Height 245mm / 9.65in
Width 260mm / 10.24in
Depth 185mm / 7.28in
Lotion included Yes
Release Nov 23, 2022
Product Type Hip Onahole
The Mina Kitano Namagoshi Raw Masterpiece adult toy is not only a stunning replica of Mina Kitano's butt with both a Vaginal and Anal tunnel. It does much more than this, the Mina Kitano Namagoshi Raw Masterpiece onahole is one of the first of its kind and has a built in motor which takes the realism to new heights. Giving you a stunning amount of 10 different vibration patterns and 3 suction patterns, totaling in 30 different options, the Mina Kitano Namagoshi Raw Masterpiece sex toy is not only a piece you enjoy, it really feels like its interacts with you and takes the experience to a truly new and unseen level. The built in motor can easily be charged via USB and a full charge is enough for up to 40 minutes of full fletched JAV star sex experience. Whether you're a fan of Mina Kitano or just enjoy great sex toys, the Namagoshi Raw Masterpiece onahole is for sure an experience you won't forget soon.
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User Reviews

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  • | 12/27/2022

    Buyer Beware!

    First thoughts. I already knew it was going to be a heavy hole. No idea it would be THAT heavy. Or THAT big. I knew it would be expensive, though. And since it was expensive, I also got some free goodies. An extra large toy bag, which is one of my favorite items from this site. Not the OtonaJP toy bag, the Rends (or whatever the brand is called) one. Also: a small onahole and a heating system. These I found after opening the box with the hip in it. On to the item. First off, we’re gonna have to start with the box. It’s big. Huge illustration/picture of Mina Kitano. On the sides as well. The hip is real damn heavy. And there were some things on the top that I didn’t quite understand. One of them is a button for the vibration, another for the sucking, there’s a USB port for charging and then there’s this straw-thing sticking out. Yeah, that turns out to be the “suction exhaust”. Wonder what that’ll be like. Another question comes to mind: just how the fuck do you hide a box that big? Talking about both the hip and the box it comes in. The hip itself is packed as you would expect from NPG holes. Plastic bag, sealed with metallic ziptie-thing. Nothing to complain about there. As for using the hip itself: again, it’s heavy. The only thing I’ve used before this one is the “Stay Home Lover”, which is significantly lighter. I’m starting things up by letting the hip go cowgirl. Due to the weight, extremely difficult to operate with just one hand. Eventually, I do manage to get in. Nice and cozy, not too tight, not too loose. Just right. Turn on the vibration. Ooh! I didn’t last long. Maintenance: yeah, this is where the pain truly starts. Because it is pain. 100%. Let me start it off by saying that NPG had a good idea. A great idea, even! Adding a vibrating engine to an onahip? Hadn’t been done before! Adding in a part that adds suction to the experience? Wow! Even better. But what they had failed to realize, was that when you use an onahole (or onahip), you’ll have to deal with maintenance afterwards. And it. Is. Pain. Because you have to clean all the lubricant and batter from the inside of the hip. Sure enough, it’s also going to be on the suction part. And on parts of the engine. Good luck cleaning all that. Then there’s the whole part that the engine isn’t exactly 100% attached to the rest of the hip. The tiniest tear can make the engine come loose. Liquids are now going to get between engine and TPE, and in order to clean it all, you’re just going to make these tears even bigger. When you’re done cleaning, you want to dry the inside. Smaller towels might cause tears, paper towels will leave paper inside the holes. Drying sticks are your best friend. Except one of them broke trying to dry the anal hole. It’s extremely difficult to dry the two holes. The exterior isn’t a problem. Just a quick wipe with a smaller towel and you’re good. In all: NPG had a good idea, but they kind of fucked up. The size and weight are nice for immersion, but cleaning is a bitch. And the engine just adds to your trouble when cleaning. It’s something you pull out of hiding when you have enough time on your hands; when you can afford to take your time maintaining this hip after use. For the price, you could buy 10 smaller, decent ones. Or perhaps even a slightly cheaper one, without the engine (and without the issues the engine would add).

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  • | 12/12/2022

    Great challenge of NPG

    As a big fan of Kitano Mina and NPG, I just bought when I saw it. It is combination of Namakoshi series(usually 5kg or above) and automatic part. some strong pattern is not good for me but 6 patterns are great to me. If some to much vibration part change to smooth and slow pattern, it will be much better. Also it designed as not very tight hole. Because, namakoshi series have enough weight to give good pressure. and also if it is a tight type hole, you cannot enjoy long time because of its vibration. If you have masking tape, you'd better to use when you are cleaning toy because of it doesn't have any cap or protection to prevent water into charger and switch parts. and also it makes potential tear possibility because of joint of plastic and hole TPE. But overall, it is very good and recommend if you want to try vibration with NPG hole.

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