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Nasty Crest Body Stickers

by Tama Toys
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easy to apply Erotic Body Stickers

Wether you have a Tattoo fetish or you just want to spice things up, the Nasty Crest Body Sticker are perfect for this occasion. They are easily doubling your sex appeal and turning you into a little Nasty Girl or Boy. They can be applied super easy and if you have enough of them you can just remove them without leaving anything behind. Try out how it is to have sexy and nasty looking tattoo's without actually committing to them for life. How about surprising your special someone with them?

How to use them!

1. Cut the one you want to apply out with scissors
2. Make sure the part of your skin where you want to apply them is clean and has no scratches or injuries
3. Peel of the transparent protection sheet
4. Push the design on your skin with a hand warm wet towel for about 2-3 minutes
5. Carefully take the paper off and apply more pressure with the towel if it sticks

The Nasty Crest Body Sticker by Tama Toys featuring
  • Made in Japan
  • give your body a nasty and sexy temporary tattooed look
  • usable for both Men and Women


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