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Naughty fairy tales SHITANAME SUZUME

by Toys Heart
US$14.03 save US$4.12
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Fairy Girl Fantasy Blowjob Toy
Maker Toys HeartProduct Type 96

The Naughty Fairy Tales Shitaname Suzume is one of two blowjob onaholes in Toys Heart's Naughty Fairy Tales series that are themed on Japanese folklore of cute fairy-like characters that just want to please. This Shitaname Suzume version is based on the fable of Shita-kiri Suzume in which the cute little fairy is also a friendly sparrow. The onahole's exterior is soft, smooth and supple. The inner love tunnel consists of various ribs throughout a spiralling tight tube that gives way while still applying pleasurable pressure as you push inside. This little bird will have you soaring as she takes you on a pleasurable adventure.

The Naughty Fairy Tales Shitaname Suzume Oral Sex Toy Features:

  • High-Quality Blowjob Male Masturbator Made by Toys Heart
  • Vacuum Effect
  • Japanese Fairy Tale Theme
  • Complimentary Pack of Lubricant Included
  • Weight: 175 Grams
  • Dimensions: 145 x 46 mm
  • Made in Japan

User Reviews

13 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 11/22/2023

    Quite nice for the price

    This isn't a fancy one that you would expect for marvelous feelings, but is in good quality considering the price and is good to be your first few onaholes that gives you a feel what onahole to expect. Only downside is that the smell of rubber really gets me off. Maintenance is essential.

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  • | 2/14/2023

    Pretty nice

    The build quality wasn't bad It last multiple uses without any tearing issues. With the right lube you can make the experiencing even better.

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  • | 5/15/2022

    Does its job a lot of times

    Dont understand the "low quality" comments here, it really does the job a lot of times and yet, its still alive like it was on the first day.

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  • | 5/10/2022

    Felt nice, tore easily

    The material, shape, and overall feel were quite nice, but it tore very quickly. It seemed like it was too thin for the material type in some places.

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  • | 3/13/2022

    Nice not too bad i liked it

    1 try it was super small and hurt a tiny bit 2 it was not hurting it was good the meterial could have been a bit less soft

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  • | 1/15/2022

    Very disappointed

    Probably one of the worst toys i ever had. Next to no stimulation, all i felt was my hands. Its tiny, like rly Tiny, feels like masturbating with a thick condom. No. Just save up money and get something like Temptation Witch or anything from EXE rly. Go for at least a 40-50+$ onahole and you wont regret it.

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  • | 12/24/2021

    Surprisingly quality piece.

    Because of the low price, I thought I wouldn’t lose anything if I gave it a chance. It was worth. It’s obviously not up to the biggest names, but it’s really an acceptable onahole. You need to take the time to make it "work". Lube it moderately, play around with the inner texture. Also, it sucks, but in a good way. ;)

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  • | 8/31/2021

    Extremely good for the price

    I was not really expecting how good this is for how cheap it is. The sides are thin, so I'd be careful about durability, but should last if you're careful; materials are good. Feels fantastic, especially if you like softer types. The tongue is a great touch.

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  • | 3/30/2021

    An excellent hole for any budget

    Bought this as one of my first holes a few months ago. It's easily my favorite and most used so far. I was hoping the tongue would be more useful but for me it's purely aesthetics. Fortunately, inside the hole feels really good. The starting entrance isn't very tight so you won't have any issues going in. The first half of this onahole doesn't offer much in the way of sensitivity but the real benefit of the design comes at the ball half-way in. The smooth ball in the middle feels good on the glans and is followed a tighter ribbed tunnel. If this is lacking anything it's suction but that's not what this is designed for. The quality of this is incredible for what you're paying. When reaching the end of the tunnel the end will stretch and I don't see any signs of piercing through it. I don't think the materials is too wobbly, it all seems sturdy enough to me. You can reverse this onahole for easy cleaning. If you're looking for a starter onahole this one is sure to please.

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  • | 3/11/2021

    Honestly... buy it!

    This is by far my favorite of the three I have right now. I can take a lot and the additions to make it feel like an actual throat make it feel really good! I use this one maybe once a week just to make sure that I don't wear it down but it's been almost 6 months since I bought this and it is still in pristine condition. This is well worth what it costs!

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  • | 1/12/2021

    Niiiccee, surprising durability!

    It came earlier than expected through DHL and the feeling was amazing for a price like this! When using, do not be too rough as it is wobbly like the previous reviewer said. Cleaning was easy as well, this will last you for a while! Definitely try and snag this when on sale, even though it's not really that pricey compared to others.

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  • | 10/26/2020

    Very wobbly, yet the touch is nice

    It's very soft and elastic, so it can fit every rod in there. One can use the tongue to do some little playing when fappin, as the touch is very nice and smooth, even more when you use a nice lotion, in my case is onatsuyu lotion, thin and good. From the first usage you can tell that this is very wobbly, be careful not to perforate it in the sides. The middle section feels very good, as if penetrating the little throat of a girl. Useful in calm and relaxed moments of fapping.

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  • | 9/14/2020

    It's Good

    I've been using this for a few weeks now and I gotta say that I'm very happy with it. The material is very durable, the hole is nice and tight, it feels absolutely amazing, and for this price you just have to grab it!

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