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Hard Onahole by PPP
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Product Type: Hard Onahole, Hentai Onahole, Soft Onahole

Hard and Soft male masturbator

Do you favour Hard Onaholes or Soft Onaholes ? You can have both. The new new onahole by PPP is one of the first onaholes to offer this experience in a single male masturbator. On the outside of the new new onahole we have a beautifully shaped little body with a nice camel toe pussy and a cute little belly button. On the inside we have a dual layer material which guarantees a realistic stimulation. What makes the new new onahole truly special though is that it combines the advantages of a hard onahole with the smoothness of a soft onahole. At the start, when you enter the new new onahole its hard but then, the deeper you go, it becomes softer and softer. This is really something special we have not felt this way in other male masturbators of this size before. The new new onahole is a special experience no male sex toy lover should miss.

The new new onahole by PPP features
  • Genuine male sex toy from Japan
  • made by PPP
  • combines the advantages of a Hard and Soft onahole at the same time
  • onahole weight about 300 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 150x75mm
  • comes with a small pack of sample lube


2 Customer Reviews for new new

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by Anthony December 25, 2018
Not hard at all

Potentially I may have received a faulty one, but the actual product itself was sort of disappointing. Again, I may have potentially received a bad one, but the onahole was extremely soft and flimsy that it just didn't do it for me. At this price and the description I expected an amazing time; however, I had to change toys since I really wanted to let one out.

Overall, the product wasn't great, it didn't live up to its expectations as described and the only redeeming part about the product (for me) is the box artwork.

by kharu December 1, 2018
Not really hard where advertised, but better than expected

Very strong factory smell out of the box. Very very soft exterior, the belly button is a nice touch, and the camel toe is pretty good. The separation of the two tone material is a little concerning, so be gentle with it. Interior is pretty bumpy and soft, which is nice. It's not really as hard on the spot it's advertised, compared to other ones I own atleast. The grooves at the end makes cleaning require a bit more effort, but I think it's worth it. Pretty comfortable since it's very soft and stretchy. Price is great. Had doubts when I first opened it, but it's a lot better than I expected. Overall, it's a good first buy or one to add to your collection.

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