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new new puni lock

by PPP
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Hard and Soft Pocket Pussy

This sexy witch loves a good stick to handle. The new New New Puni Lock Onahole by PPP is one of three toys in the New New series that come in the form of a cute mini torso and deliver a superb stimulation. This witch has a flat tummy, round buttocks, and a plump camel toe making her pleasing to look at as well as slide inside. Her inner love tunnel is made from a separate material to the exterior and consists of a complex assortment of textured protrusions that all grip and stoke the length of your member, leading to highly satisfying orgasms. Take this sexy witch home and let her bewitch you with her enchanted pussy.

The New New Puni Lock Sex Toy Features:
  • Hard x Soft feature
  • Sexy Witch Themed Onahole
  • Mini-Torso Design
  • Complimentary Lubricant Included
  • Weight: 300 Grams
  • Dimensions: 150 x 75 mm


2 Customer Reviews for new new puni lock

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by Robert March 25, 2020
Feels Decent, but Material is Weak

A duo release for the New New series created by PPP, Puni Lock is a toy that has a soft exterior with a harder textured interior. The outer design is shaped of a young feminine body, with the interior design of rock-like warts.

Packing material is a plastic clamshell case wrapped inside a plastic bag. Sadly, I was not able to judge the odor as my health condition during the examination was negatively affecting my sense of smell. The toy itself was very greasy mixed with powder residue. Fabrication defects were immediately spotted as scuffs were noticed on the exterior material. Toy itself is small, but the size is just about enough for any man with an average length. Sample lotion included came in a square shaped packet, similar to condom packaging.

Upon initial touch of the toy, my first reaction was that the toy was way, way too soft! The material feels too delicate to the point that life expectancy will be very short, even with careful usage. The inside material is not as hard as advertised, but more of a normal onahole softness.

Lotion sample is surprisingly good. The viscosity is close to realistic and it does not dry fast. Penetration is very easy as the soft material moves apart with almost no effort. Stimulation of the textured walls is noticeable, but not strong. Suction grip is not powerful which makes the toy not feel tight. The cervix at the end feels pleasant and relaxing.

After washing, the outside material becomes extremely sticky, so powdering is strictly required. To my shock, the entrance of the toy was torn by the second session. This left me in despair...

Compared to its sister onahole, Frill Wave, Puni Lock has less grip but more stimulation along the walls of the interior.

In summary, this onahole is a compact design that has a fatal material flaw. The appearance, sensation, and size is a great design, but the TPE used in this toy is so delicate that the outside breaks apart from regular use.

by Retard March 9, 2020
Don't even bother

It looks cool at first but it ain't. After 4-5 uses this onahole broke on me. Too expensive 0 stimulation. It's just like shoving Ur dicc in some marshmallow. Don't waste anymoney at all

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