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2019/2020 Holiday Season Announcement

This is the announcment of shipping schedule during the Holiday and New Year Season 2019 in Japan. As every year suppliers, makers as well as shipping and logistic companies are closed during this time of the Year, all orders placed in this time span are subject to a delay for non in stock items. Please see below for dates and more informaiton.

During the time between December 28th and January 7th the shipping of orders is limited and delays can occur during this time for all non in stock items. 

This means that this time comes in addition to the regular availability estimates you can see for all items in our shop. 

Delays may also occur in the time before and after these dates due to limited stock of certain popular items during the Holiday Season.

The otonaJP Team however does not take any vacation and customer service will be available during the whole time to answer any questions as always.

We are very very sorry for this inconvinience but the New Year Season in Japan puts a lot of things over here on hold. We know that everyone is waiting for their order and we are doing our very best to have it shipped out as soon and as quick as possible. 

To make the wait a little easier, otonaJP is offering their famous New Year Sale with 20% off this time. Simply use the code below during checkout to enjoy this Huge Discount.

code: holidays

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us please and send us an email to [email protected]