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Nikuheki Tamahime

Onahole by Ride
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Brand: RideFeeling: VaginalFantasy / Genre: Anime - HentaiHole Design: Closed Hole TypeProduct Layers: SingleUsability: ReusableFirmness: HardHow many Holes: 1Weight: 335g (0.74lbs)Length: 150mm (5.91in)Width: 70mm (2.76in)Lotion included: Yes Released on: 2021Product Type: Onahole
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User Reviews

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  • | 5/4/2023

    Use thick lube

    Well like the other review says it's firm, tight, and very stimulating. A bit too stimulating if you use a thinner lube like Onatsuyu Pussy Juice, but a thicker lube works fine. If you have the Umi no Ana 2 and like how it feels but want even more stimulation it's perfect.

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  • | 12/17/2022

    Too tight and stimulating for me

    I think my past self would have enjoyed this hole a lot more then current me. This hole is too hard for my taste and a bit too tight for my johnson that it is uncomfortable to use even if I use a thicker lube. The provided lube is Ride Japan's virgin loop which is a really great thin lube but I wouldn't use it with this onahole. The onahole also has a rather unpleasant smell that sticks around even after a few washes and it looks like the center of the bottom of the onahole is tearing from the side walls. If you are looking for a very high stimulation hole then this could be for you but it just isn't for me.

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  • | 1/6/2022

    Great price and Great quality!

    I love this being not only very easy to hold and feels great too. My favorite part about this product is that when you are all the way in it want's to push you out which makes this product have a great feel to it. The lubricant's that came inside the box used with the product was spot on as well, you might think that's an exaggeration but it's not. The quality in my opinion is pretty good, but after one use I saw tiny craters on the outer middle which concerned me a little but they aren't that big so it was probably just from the mold. Also, for the price that it was for the feeling and quality that it is I would definitely recommend to someone online (wouldn't dare say that to anyone I know). If I had to say one thing I would like improved or changed upon for this product, I would have to say the outer grip, I can get a good hold on the product but there isn't much to grab on to. Besides that I think this is a 9/10.

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