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NPG Quick Dry Stick

by NPG

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  • Maker: NPG


Dry your onahole simply and easy with this reusable Dry Stick, made of natural ingredients. By NPG.

Size: 150x13x13mm


4 Customer Reviews for NPG Quick Dry Stick

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by Jose May 30, 2019
Not bad for a free product

The NPG Quick Dry Stick kind of gets the job done. I see it as being like a towel in a puddle or a dishwasher in the sense of how it dries. If you don't dry your onahole the stick will dry the sides of the onahole but not the deep parts right away as the moister build up there. If you place it in a cleaned onahole that needs to dry it'll dry out the last amount of moister left behind.

by Bobert May 12, 2019
Good product

Does its job as advertised. Since it's free, I recommend everyone buying an onahole add one of these to their order.

by window April 29, 2019
useful freebie

It does work, it turns a darker shade of blue as it absorbs moisture. It takes time to return to a dry state, so leave it to evaporate after use.

by Borja Moisés March 13, 2019

dry well after cleaning

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