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Nuku Man

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Available on otonaJP since: 2018 March 2
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6 Customer Reviews for Nuku Man

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by Normal dude March 19, 2019
Free item that's Okay

Disclaimer: Got it free

PRetty small little thing, this is probably what people think about when they think pocket pussy, as it does fir in there pretty darn well.

It's pretty small though, of low to moderate quality.
Interesting sensations, but may be because of the smallness.

Wouldn't pay for it, so only get it when it's free.
IS a good begiiner's onahole.

by J January 13, 2019
Not bad

Not bad for a first time and user.

by MrD October 30, 2018

disclaimer: product received for free

Absolute barebones of what is considered an onahole. Interesting points

-sensation of when you exit from the other side
-can play with entrance shape a bit

For free, it's actually not that bad but wouldn't spend money on it unless it was very very cheap.

by E July 27, 2018

like the packaging and the product itself. pretty nice to use considering its free.

by SeedmonsterX July 6, 2018
Ok for a free product

Don't expect much for a free product. It's ok

by jason March 21, 2018
it's Ok

Not bad for free at the time.

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