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Nuruneba Swimmer - The sweaty Sticky Swimmer Lotion

Lotion by Tama Toys
Young and Sweaty School Girl themed Lubricant
Maker Tama Toys
Product Type Lotion
The Nuruneba Swimmer - The sweaty Sticky Swimmer Lubricant recreates the wet and sweaty texture of a schoolgirl after swimming in a pool. Her skin is slippery, glistening and dripping in her sticky sweat which is the perfect lube for use with your favourite toys, with a partner or even by yourself. This large 1000ml bottle of lubricant will enhance the stimulation you feel and also ensure you stay safe and comfortable in the heat fo the moment.

The Nuruneba Swimmer - The sweaty Sticky Swimmer Lotion Lubricant Highlights:
  • High-Quality Lubricant by Tama Toys
  • Sticky Yet Slippery Consistency
  • Volume: 1000ml
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User Reviews

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  • | 4/17/2020

    Smells not Summer Pools, but feels of Soaplands

    TLDR: Doesn't invoke what I would call the smells of summer at the pool. But it's crap ton. And if you ever wanted nuru nuru lotion (you know the ones that they have that are super stringy at the "soaplands" of hentai Japan, not that I would know >__>). If you are prepared for a bit of mess, this is it. Long version: + My first impression, [email protected] that's a sh!t t0n. A big hefty bottle of lotion. Ok, but how's it play? I squirted a bit into my finger tips, and realized, this was stringy.... Really strings. The strings that was made at the first sign of lube onto my finger tips stretched for a good several feet (or a meter for every person not insane enough to stay with standard measurements). This lotion had the consistency that every hentai/jav soapland lover has burned into their retinas. That stringy goodness. + So as the title of the lube says - is it sticky hell yes. Is it sweaty? I'm on track to being a wizard, but I imagine so. o - Where it fails though is the swimmer part. I don't have the swimmer invoking in my head. I thought I'd smell some that chlorinated smell they have at pools, but you know.... I think it's a good idea that's not the case, for obvious reasons. So this isn't that bad. + And if you don't like the consistency, my easy hack is to just add some warm/hot (not boiling please) water with the lube. Not only this thin the lube and make it less stringy, it can cut down on the time it takes to warm it up and you can use less lube, which this monstrosity of package can last even longer! + Oh yeah, a tanned bakyunyuu picture. That's just the bonus for this thing.

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