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Onaho Care Set

Maintenance Set by A-One
Maker A-One
Release 2021
Product Type Maintenance Set
The Onaho Care Set comes with four useful items to care about your Onaholes and masturbator toys. It includes a USB warmer, a Dry Stick, a cleaning stick and an antibacterial powder.
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User Reviews

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  • | 10/14/2022

    Value Package!

    Great items for the price. They work well, especially like how the warmer shows a light when it's auto heating and not heating based on the temperature. Though it would be nice if the warmer, drying stick and sponge stick is longer since I have some deeper onaholes. Hand held ones fit just fine though.

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  • | 9/13/2022

    A Must Have For New Owners

    Onaholes do require a lot of maintenance to last and this is a must-have for any new owner who does not yet have cleaning tools. Included: Onahole Warmer: This is a fluff piece although it is not necessary. I do encourage using and deciding whether it is something you enjoy or not. Brush: This is the first important tool although you can use your hands to lather tools just to work better in general. I highly suggest this use then squeeze out extra water it will dry quickly and is reusable. It can also be useful for final drying although the next tool takes care of most of that. Drying Stick: This is an interesting one and one of the most useful. The drying rod is made of a porous material that receives moisture and emits it later so it can be reused. It is good for drying the last bit of moisture left over after air drying. Otherwise, it will overtax it and the onahole will remain wet. Take note also that this tool is fragile do not drop it and handle it with care. Maintenance Powder: I can not overstate how useful this is. I was a bit hesitant to say I needed this but although I can not speak to its disinfecting or antimold properties it does stop things from being sticky and makes things feel more like skin-to-skin contact so definitely recommend however the same effect could be done using chalk (talc). In this case, less is better than too much the small bottle should last you a while. Note: The back says this is a novelty item however it is all functional and is likely stated for liability reasons.

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  • | 9/12/2022

    Wish i got this long time ago

    Your not really thinking about this stuff when you're new and excited. But this is almost as important as the hole you're getting. Get it if you don't have anything similar.

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  • | 9/5/2022

    simple and perfect

    if you need a kit with a cheap price this is for you, just get it, it has everything you need + the good prize

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  • | 9/1/2022

    Best bang for the buck!

    the heater is very good, but could use a longer usb cable, worth ordering anyway!

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  • | 5/7/2022

    Its in the name

    Its in the name it works great for the hard to reach spots my big fingers dont let me get to its my first time using one of these sets and honestly i cant complain it works as intended

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  • | 4/18/2022

    Must have

    The warmer takes about 5 minutes to warm up your toy, and with the dry stick it's alot easier to dry your onahole, the sponge stick can also help with that. And the powder helps to keep my onahole smooth.

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  • | 3/21/2022

    Excellent Beginner Package

    Has everything you need to get started on your Onahole journey! Onahole warmer is decent and the amount of powder you get is very generous considering the low price. Strongly recommend for someone just getting into onaholes or if you are just on the fence about higher quality products.

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  • | 3/7/2022

    worth the price

    I used the warmer and the results are great! I was worried it would get too hot and melt the insides of the toy but till date it has not and it seems like they have a limiter. I have no way to verify the effectiveness of the anti bacterial powder. I liked the sticky stick, it seems to attract moisture. The brush with a sponge was like meh, not sure what its purpose is but the overall package is great value for money!

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