• Sku: オナホお掃除棒ちゃん (5本入)
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Onahole Cleaning Stick (Set of 5)


Cleaning sticks for male masturbators

The original List Price of the Onahole Cleaning Stick (Set of 5) is: $8.58. With us, you save $1.80 (21%) on the original Manufacturers suggested Retail Price!


    This set of Onahole cleaning sticks is perfect to clean every male masturbator thoroughly. A set of 5 sticks are lasting you a while and the sticks themself are washable and reusable. The top of the stick is perfectly adjusting to the insides and size of your onahole. Cleaning your onaholes well and thoroughly is helping to stay clear of mold and dirt inside of them and these affordable and reusable sticks are a tremendous help in doing so.

    The Onahole Cleaning Stick (Set of 5) features
    • 5 long sticks with a sponge top to clean your male sex toys
    • reusable and washable
    • each stick is 160mm long


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