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Onahole/Toy Bag Large

Onahole/Toy Bag Large

Toy Bag by Rends
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Maker RendsProduct Type Toy Bag

Bag for stuffing and hiding of Onaholes/Masturbators and other adult toys.

  • Size L 300x145mm

User Reviews

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  • | 4/26/2023

    Great value!

    Smaller than I assumed, but large enough to fit one and a half of an average sized toy. A 900g is a very tight fit, so go with the extra large if you're planning on storing other stuff along with your toys. Still, amazing value for average toys!

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  • | 2/15/2023

    The best large toy bag in market

    Good material, quality zipper, affordable. Just buy it if you need one this size.

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  • | 1/17/2023

    Decent bag, weird shipping fee though

    Managed to fit MagicEyes Kupa Roa Hard Edition and Toy'sHeart Student Council. Great for organizing maintenance stuff inside. Has a length of an entire pencil and bit more. Only concern is that the shipping fee gets crazy when you add this alongside other items lol.

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  • | 11/5/2022

    Fits my largest hole :)

    My biggest hole (for now) is the Yakuza girl and it fit that with extra room, consider this if you need to hide your stuff or like me collect the boxes and store the holes in these

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  • | 1/19/2022

    Good Value but Watch The Zip

    Overall, this is pretty good. Wasn't quite big enough to hold one of the NPG Meiki onaholes or La Vie En Roses but will hold most larger handheld toys ok. Only thing to watch out for is getting your toy caught in the zip. If you're storing a larger toy take care when opening as this can cause damage to your toys.

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  • | 7/11/2021

    Great bag

    I keep an onahole, drying stick and microfiber cloth in here and I still have plenty of room to spare. Great if you like to keep things organized and the price is good.

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  • | 11/14/2020

    Great size for the price

    The bag is large enough for maybe two six inch toys (depending on the width) or a large 11 inch toy. The bag is discreet enough that it looks like a large pencil bag and for the price it is a great value and a must have for anyone who wants to keep their things organized.

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  • | 9/13/2019


    +Cheap +Pretty big, can store most of the onahole

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  • | 6/17/2018

    Surprisingly spacious

    You can fit at least 2 onaholes, plus some room to spare at 3-4 Tenga eggs or some small maintenance items. I highly recommend getting one of these bags here; they're breathable for your onaholes, very difficult to see what's on the inside from the outside, surprisingly durable for its price, and there are no labels/design on the bag whatsoever. Cheap, durable, and reliable. Go get one yourself already!

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  • | 4/17/2018

    not much smaller than the extra large, with a better color

    It is not much smaller than the extra large bags. The problem with these bags is that they are not really bags, because they are not designed as a 3 dimensional storing space. it is like a pencil case, and once there is an item in it, it pulls the two sides of cloth along with it, reducing the remaining space. However, the fabric is perfect for letting the toys breathe and at this low price, you can easily get a bunch of them and have enough storing space for all your toys.

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  • | 3/23/2017

    Exactly what you'd expect

    Perfect for keeping your onaholes safe from the harsh judgment of your housemates. The bag is quite durable and big, you can fit two normal sized onaholes and an onahole warmer in there with no problems. I don't think you'll ever need to buy a second one unless you have a bunch of onaholes.

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  • | 2/21/2017

    A bang for your buck

    Its cheap but of good quality, I've used it for one month and no signs of wear and tear yet. I can store 2 normal sized onaholes, and still have some space for the tiny bottles of lube that some onaholes provide. Looks just like a normal pencil case. Would recommend it as you can order it together with your toy to keep when not is use.

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  • | 11/25/2016

    Cheap, does the job

    Being this cheap, it fit my onahole warmer, onatsuyu lotion bottle and mouth of truth onahole without any problems. Something everyone should get with their onahole!

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  • | 11/14/2016

    good material

    good size and material, keep your accessories hidden from prying eyes.

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  • | 10/26/2016

    Big, very big.

    I initially bought this to store a lolinco onahole and boy... it was waay too big. This bag is deep enough to store a bottle of Onatsuyu and long enough for a bottle of Pepee. It won't fit an onahip though, but it will store larger onaholes like big Rina, big lolinco etc...

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  • | 9/14/2016

    Overall good

    if you have one of those onatsuyu lotion or pure joy juice then get that and you'll get a gist of how much it will fit. It's basically that big, plus some space on the top. The lenght will be practically that though. Big enough to fit any onahole with room to spare. Good buy, good price & good life. Simple, isn't it?

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