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Onahole/Toy Bag Medium

by Rends
(appx. 5.63 )
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Bag for stuffing and hiding of Onaholes/Masturbators and other adult toys.

  • Size M 240x125mm


6 Customer Reviews for Onahole/Toy Bag Medium

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by Anonymous December 27, 2018
As always

Can't ever have enough of those.
Got this medium-sized one in addition to the small and large ones I already have. It should be more than big enough even for larger holes and also fits my rather huge USB warmer without issues.

by Snappok June 13, 2018
Perfect for storage

These bags fit most medium sized toys very easily and can be folded back into the original box very easily. The breathable material is great for any onahole.

by window June 3, 2018
Does the job

It fits a few small toys, and they dry out fine in the bag, it looks like a pencil case and you can't see through it so there's privacy. The one I received is red, not orange, but this does not bother me.

by Korovaner March 31, 2018

It's cheap, made from nice breathing material, not suspicious looking and perfect for storing one small or even medium-size onahole.
What, not enough for you? It's just a bag, what did you expect?

Also, the color isn't that bright orange, mine is more reddish, but that's not an issue at all.

by SeedmonsterX January 23, 2018
Pretty good for its purpose

The material is pretty good. Onaholes dry nicely in it and is a great way to conceal from other people. It is great value for its price

by bMAX August 14, 2016
Simple yet Imperative!

Always buy one of these when shopping for onaholes. The size is perfect (fitted my Tokki Ranbu without problems) and is discrete enough to hide on more accessible places. The bag also holds well the corn powder i usually apply on my onaholes, preserving their softness for longer!

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