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Onaman Three Sisters

Three Sisters - Three Pocket Pussies in One Box
Ever dreamt of having your own harem of three hot and horny sisters who vie for your attention and will do anything to get it? Meet the Onaman Three Sisters, the triple-the-fun offering where you receive three superb onaholes in one box. The three sisters are Momo-chan (the eldest), Saa-chan (the middle child), and An-chan (the youngest) - each of their onaholes comes with a differing inner tunnel design offering a unique stimulation experience. You can choose to have all three sisters in one session switching between them, or spend some quality time with just one sister and make the other two jealous - the options are almost endless, as are the hours of fun to be had with these three cute sisters.

The Onaman Three Sisters Sex Toy Features:
  • Three Sisters Theme
  • Three Different Tunnel Designs
  • Durable Single-Layer Structure
  • Comes With Complimentary Lubricant
  • Momo-chan Onahole: Weight: 249 Grams - Dimensions: 150x60x60mm
  • Saa-chan Onahole: Weight: 269 Grams - Dimensions: 170x70x70mm
  • An-chan Onahole: Weight: 245 Grams - Dimensions: 170x60x55mm
  • Made in Japan
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User Reviews

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  • | 3/20/2021

    A wonderful set of Onaholes, Get this one for Triple the fun

    I like the product and would definitely order again.

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  • | 2/6/2021


    As you would expect from three different characters, they'd each have their own insides, which are totally different from the other. THE FOLLOWING IS A STORY, TO DEPICT WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED IN A DOUJIN: Momo, the oldest sister, strikes me as that one character who is friendly to everyone in class. All boys without a doubt desire to have her, having her scream out in pleasure as they plough her and pluck her flower. None of those boys will ever do such a thing, since I already did that, in that one abandoned classroom. Despite her being a relatively proper girl, it was easy to enter her. She's wasn't too tight, so I pushed deeper and deeper. Pulling out, I could feel myself being sucked back in. Her mouth was saying we shouldn't be doing this, but her lower mouth was saying the opposite. She wanted me to cum inside her, so I obliged. And since then, she's been looking at me, trying to tell me with her eyes that she wants more... Anzu, or An-chan, is the youngest sister. And as she is the youngest, she would also be the tightest. She had been watching Momo and I go at it in that abandoned classroom, so at the end of the next school day, she told me to come meet her at the top of the stairs. So that's what I did, meeting her at the top of the stairs, the area before you reach the door to the rooftop where some of the lonely students have their lunch. She told me what she had seen and decided that she wanted to play too. Not in the way a little girl would want to play with dollies or anything like that, God forbid. Besides, this girl was far older than that and she wanted to have some adult fun. She gave me a sort of friendly challenge and I accepted. And oh boy, Anzu was a cocky one. Knowing she was the youngest of her sisters, and so the tightest, she could squeeze me as long as I wanted. Just entering her was difficult, and once I was inside, it was almost impossible not to reach climax. Let's just say I'm hell-bent on trying again and punish this little cunt. Saa-chan, being the middle sister, while flirty with me once in a while, she was more about the science behind everything. About a week after I had fucked her sisters, she asked to come home with me. So I took her home. Once we were in my room, she told me she wanted to understand the science of the male body. She took off her clothes, took my cock in her mouth, then she studied my erect self, taking notes with one hand while writing said notes with the other. Then she went on top, riding me like she was a cowgirl, putting me inside her and taking me out every minute or so. At which point she took notes, while also making sure I would stay hard at all times. Eventually, I had enough of her playing with me in the name of science, so I refused to let her take it out and kept thrusting until I came. Needless to say, she also took notes of that. Since that day, she's been wanting to try doing it again, though whether it is for science, only God knows. In all, it was a very exciting two weeks or so with these three sisters and I can't wait to use them again. Though to be entirely honest: Momo's "melty" hole was by far the best of the three. Also: do note that you're only getting ONE packet of lube, not three. Usually, you'd get one packet of lube for one hole, so I figured there would be three. And there's a small illustration card in the box with a QR code. Scan the code and you'll get the url to some AV, which you can then watch online and/or download.

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