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Onaman Three Sisters

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Three Sisters - Three Pocket Pussies in One Box

Ever dreamt of having your own harem of three hot and horny sisters who vie for your attention and will do anything to get it? Meet the Onaman Three Sisters, the triple-the-fun offering where you receive three superb onaholes in one box. The three sisters are Momo-chan (the eldest), Saa-chan (the middle child), and An-chan (the youngest) - each of their onaholes comes with a differing inner tunnel design offering a unique stimulation experience. You can choose to have all three sisters in one session switching between them, or spend some quality time with just one sister and make the other two jealous - the options are almost endless, as are the hours of fun to be had with these three cute sisters.

The Onaman Three Sisters Sex Toy Features:
  • Three Sisters Theme
  • Three Different Tunnel Designs
  • Durable Single-Layer Structure
  • Comes With Complimentary Lubricant
  • Momo-chan Onahole: Weight: 249 Grams - Dimensions: 150x60x60mm
  • Saa-chan Onahole: Weight: 269 Grams - Dimensions: 170x70x70mm
  • An-chan Onahole: Weight: 245 Grams - Dimensions: 170x60x55mm
  • Made in Japan


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