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Onanoko no Nioi ga Suru Lotion C10

Lotion by Magic Eyes
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Product Type: Lotion

The lube that smells like a sweet girl

Magic Eyes Onanoko no Nioi ga Suru Lotion C10 is a very special lube made by combining the sweet scent of lactone C-10 with their high-quality lubricant formula. This lube not only makes toy and doll use very safe, comfortable and pleasurable, but it also adds the sensual smell of a sweet girl to really make the experience something special. The Onanoko no Nioi ga Suru Lotion C10 also comes in an easy to use 360ml bottle and is made specially in Japan by Magic Eyes with the commitment to high standards and professionalism that they are known for.

The Onanoko no Nioi ga Suru Lotion C10 Lubricant Highlights:
  • High-Quality Lubricant by Magic Eyes
  • Sweet Girl-Inspired Fragrance
  • Easy to Wash off After Use
  • Convenient Bottle
  • Clear Colour
  • Contents: 360ml


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