As the team from otonaJP is constantly thinking on how to reward and make our customers happy we are introducing our Points Program otona Points from August 9th 2016. Currently you can earn points at otonaJP in the following ways. 

How to earn otonaPoints ?

Place an order

For each 100 JPY spend on items you wil receive 3 otona Points. Points will not be given for shipping costs, only for the price of the items in your order. Points however can be used to reduce the total value of your order, this also includes shipping cost.

Please note that points will only be granted for shipped and paid orders, so as soon as your order has been shipped your points will be credited to your account and you will be noticed about that in a separate email. Points for orders that will be rejected by the receiver or that will be returned will be deleted.

Writing reviews

For each approved review you will receive 30 Points (equal to 30 JPY/0.30 USD). You can write as many reviews as you want per day. Rules are that it have to be real reviews, no one liners like "So Great" or "This is Bullshit". Write a review that you would feel be interesting to others. Random reviews just for collection points without any value for the reader will not be approved and no points will be granted for them.

How to use otonaPoints ?

You can use otonaPoints to pay for your order. 1 Point is worth 1 Yen, so 100 Points are worth 100 Yen which is about 1 USD for example (currency rate can change). You can see how many otonaPoints you have in your customer account and during checkout and you can decide to use your points or keep collecting them every time you visit and buy form otonaJP.

otonaPoints can be used towards the total amount of your order, even including shipping costs. So in fact, you can use otonaPoints even to pay for shipping costs ! (collecting points is only possible for items)